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Attack Yoghurt dilemma for newbie

Hello All,

Having had the book for a couple of months, read it a few times over I now feel in the right frame of mind to tackle it! I have a fair few lbs to get gone but slowly slowly I know I CAN get there.

I think I am very clear on what I can have on attack and having read some posts am very motivated to start. Shopping day tomorrow so I have a list!

Just one question which I am hoping you guys can guide me on.....
Yoghurt! Fat free?? Can anyone give me an idea on makes etc. Is Muller light ok, or Activia or supermarket own brand? Am I right in thinking not to get the ones with fruity bits in them? Easily confused:confused:

Oooh another question - fish - can you buy the peppered mackeral rather than plain?

Thanks for the guidance v much appreciated
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FF yoghurt - I use Total 0% greek yogurt but any home brand is OK as long as it states fat free.

I'm not sure about the peppered mackerel so will leave that question to more experienced Dukaneers.

Good luck with the diet.
I find I stall with Muller but others seem fine with the Vanilla/Toffee. No fruit bits is right! Total 0% fat is great and loads of people love the taste (including my DH!), I don't so I add 1/2 tsp of sweetener and flavouring (Vanilla, orange, cinnamon all good).
I often have peppered mackerel, and I've lost 4 and a 1/2 stone so I presume it's ok!! Never thought to check. Good luck.
Thank you for confirming things for me - easily confused at the moment. Think I need to start slowly simply and obviously with my choices!
Don't forget - if in doubt check the book or ask here, however silly you think it might be!
Total 0% is lovely or you could make your own yoghurt ... The recipe is in the recipe section. I have a Lakeland yoghurt maker which makes perfect yoghurt every time and I rarely buy yoghurt now :)
Thank you all for your advice - very much appreciated in these early days! Decided to buy half a weeks shopping so I can vary things mid week. Why whenever you start these things you feel like these are my 'last meals' like I am never going to eat again - I need a word with myself!


** Chief WITCH **
Welcome! And please check out our FAQ thread, which will provide some useful information, including how to find your Dukan true weight. If you would fill out your User Cp (weight, height etc), it'd help us advise in the future.

Good luck, and perhaps post some menus in advance before starting!

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