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Yoghurt on week 2

some people say yes some say no i asked my llc wasnt very helpful just asked me What does it say in the book when i said low fat/ fat free yog she said there you go then as long as its lowfat /fat free its fine i think you have to make your own decision on these things


...we're sinking deeper.
I had Muller Lights no problem when those yoghurts got introduced. Had them as dessert! :D
The jelly I had seperately during the day as a snack, and only had one per day. Since they're about 10 calories per pot, some people have two or three, but it's all up to you. :) I would stick to the allowances and to only one per day.


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what I had yesterday was 3rd of a bowl of jelly (by that I mean I made up the jelly into a bowl and had a third of that - so it wasn't a pot) and half a muller lite yoghurt. The book just doesn't say anything about quantities =P


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Ooh thanks bl I feel bettr. I'll stick with half pots just now as I don't feel I need more but when I go down to two packs of ll next week I'll see how I feel
Like BL said elsewhere - don't get too hung up about it. It's a time for experimenting with portions/amounts to find out what suits you.
It's quite scary to have the responsibility to decide isn't it?
Easy to become obsessive if we don't watch out.
You'll be fine. xxx;)
Me too - delicious

Ialso add berries to my porridge in the mornings with a drizzle of honey and dollop of yogurt.
I use plain yogurt, lemon juice and black pepper as salad dressing and in coleslaw I make.


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Thanks folks.

I never thought I'd say that I'd enjoy the dinner I had tonight. I had brocolli, cauliflower, 100g of prawns and some low fat houmous. I hated brocolli and cauliflower (it's now edible), never a fan of prawns (yummy) and never even tried houmous - which was the nicest bit of it tonight!

Prawns again tomorrow (to finish the other 100g) and some sort of dip to try with it :)


...we're sinking deeper.
Your tastes may have well changed Andy, don't be afraid to try things that you used to hate! I found that after the long period of abstinence I fell in love with quite a few food items I used to dislike.
Don't be put off by the memory of the old, take the new approach with everything! :D
So glad to see it's all going well for you hun :D

Emma xXx
With your prawns

try natural yogurt with lemon juice, a squirt of tomato puree and black pepper.
Just like Marie Rose sauce. You can use that as a base to add garlic, herbs,tabasco sauce, smoked paprika - all sorts.
Natural yogurt with a bit of curry powder or paste or tikka apices also yummy.
Roasted red pepper and garlic whizzed up
to a smooth paste - I could go on, but better not!
Enjoy xx I'm glad your mum is helping you.She must be very proud of your achievement.


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Am I allowd tomato puree? If so this is good news as I think that;s the only ingredient I need to make a curry sauce, that I thought I couldn'thave!

Mum, is really proud she even told my dentist lol

Like the natural yoghurt/curry powder idea - will try that next week once the honous is done :)


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Hehe, thanks BL :)

Today I broke the rules and had a 25g pack of crisps. However, I don't feel bad, or guilty about it. I also don't want more - I decided that if I couldn't handle a 25g packet of crisps, then I have big problems. But it was cool - they were nice enough (I suppose). In a way it took some f the mystery away from this last couple of months - I'm not sat wondering what they'll taste like.

This weekend, I'm meeting up with ex-uni mates and it's likely I will choose to eat something (small and it'd be in place of anything else). It could be chips or it could be a sandwich. I'll be adjusting my calorie intake (no other meal, and as soon as I can exercise I'll be upping that).

It isn't something that'll be happening often - largely because I don't actually want to eat much, and the absolute best thing about the crisps was this; I'd rather have had my cauliflower/prawns that I had the other night!

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