Yoghurt v's Yogurt

Happy Holidays

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yoghurt & I hadn't noticed it being spelt yogurt but I'll take more notice in future :p


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I've always spelled it yoghurt, but have also noticed 'yogurt' more lately. Think I'll stick to yoghurt!


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I always spell Yoghurt with a 'h' - it must be the way I was taught to spell it because I have always spelt it this way.


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Thank you all. With an 'h' it is!

The first time I wondered was when I realised our local Sainsbury's had a big sign over the aisle without the 'h'.


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I spell it without the 'H' but I used to live in the States which probably explains why!


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I've never noticed it without the H.
*rushes off to check all the different "yoghurts" in the fridge*

Edit - well I never!! The Mullers and the Tesco natural yoghurt don't have a H!

A quick check of my (old) OED has it spelt without a H (although the H spelling is listed as an alternative).


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Yes it's the blinkin American slang creeping in! No offence to anyone American but it would be nice to stick to proper english as we're living in the country that started the language!! LOL!X


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I always use an 'h' in my yoghurt too! I think it gives it more flavour. Not flavor.



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Yoghurt for me!

Ya know...looking at the number of uses of it on this thread makes you realise how weird a word yoghurt is!

Or is it just me? x


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Its got to be yoghurt!! I have just asked my 14 year old son and he said with 'H' as well! How odd! :D


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Im going to have to ask my brothers teacher we use to get it a lot in primary school so i wonder if you can mark someone wrong for spelling it either way?!?! It was that and egg Yoke i use to get wrong everytime!! lol