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You CAN do this!!


Slimming down the aisle
As the title says, you CAN do this... you can stick to your calories, you can exercise, you can resist naughty foods, you can lose weight... do you want to know how I know? Because if I can, anyone can!

I'm useless, I'm the first one to admit it. I resent not being able to eat what I want. I crumble at any given opportunity. I'll find any excuse possible to break a diet, without even really thinking or trying. And then I'll beat myself up about it for days whilst I continue to eat and eat to make myself feel better. I plan to exercise and then I don't. I give up, time and time again.

But you know what? That me is gone. I don't know that Caroline anymore. Instead, I know a Caroline that is starting to enjoy this 'diet' and all the control that it gives me. Instead of eating a whole bag of something, I'm able to have a sensible portion. I can turn around and say no to that bag of chips, those sweets, that cake. I can have sensible portions of healthy things. I can leave food on my plate because I'm full. I don't know this Caroline but I like her! I have never, ever felt so in control of my diet, my weight or my life. Ever.

So like I said, if I, probably the biggest failure when it comes to things like this, can do this, can stick to this, then so can all of you. That doesn't mean that you or I won't slip up. We will. But we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and carry on instead of letting it spiral out of control. So I can do this, we can all do this, we just need to keep on keeping on and not give up, knowing that it won't always be a hard day and we will get to a point, if we try, where our attitudes have changed and it isn't so hard anymore. So here's to the new me and the new all of you, and the healthy weight people that we all will be!
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A nice motivational thread.

Well done on the progress you have made. I feel exactly the same :)
Thanks for the motivation. Yesterday had a slice of cake and a cocktail! On the flip side, as I knew I'd be going out in the eve I did half an hour swimming (tough for me as I can barely swim...)

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