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You can't put 4 pounds on in one night!

Just had a client visit who says she went out for a big meal and put on 4 pounds of fat in a night.

Just to confirm this is very very very unlikely and in fact virtually impossible.

The majority of that weight will be water and not fat and here is the maths to prove it!

1. To put on a pound of fat you need to overeat by 3500 calories.
2. The average girl needs 2000 calories a day.
3. Therefore to put on 4 pounds of fat you would have to have eaten 2000 calories and then eaten 3500 calories and then another 3500 calories and then another and then another (to make 4 pounds).
4. This means to put on 4 pounds you would have needed in an evening out to have eaten around 16000 calories!!

Now then!! 16000 calories!!

As an example if we take a Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pie which is not the most healthy food but we have all had them, you would need to eat 63 of them to put that weight on, that is just over 10 boxes full!! Now even when i was my biggest I couldn't have eaten more than 3 or 4 mince pies net alone 63!! So therefore if you do have a meal don't get too hung up on the scales!

Interestingly though let me show you this!

If we take a Special K super healthy bar! They are 140 calories (well the one I had yesterday was!), if you were to have your days allocation of calories and then just before bed have that healthy Special K bar, then over a year you would have 51100 calories too many!! Which means you would put on around 15 pounds in weight (or about a stone!) over the year!!

Therefore what I am trying to elude to is that it isn't what you day every hour or every day that matters, it is the average over weeks, months and years that defines your weight.

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that sounds gross ..................... icemoose go and do a crossword !! you have too much time on your hands ....... ask your wife to add more to your list !!! xx
that sounds gross ..................... icemoose go and do a crossword !! you have too much time on your hands ....... ask your wife to add more to your list !!! xx
:giggle: and what special K bars are you eating that's 140 cals :eek: so i can stay away from them :D the one's i got last week only had 90 cals!


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Icemoose, I'm on maintenance and it would be helpful to know how many calories I need a day to maintain for my weight and height. Is there a particular website you could recommend to find this out? I remember you posting ages ago that you maintain by watching overall calorie intake.
Thanks - that's really useful to know.

So although I've just balls up SS by having a salsa-stuffed pepper for tea, I know my gain tomorrow will be 100% water and will be gone away again in a couple of days.


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Well Mike, this post has put me to shame, seeing how much you need to put on four pounds and how much I put on in four years I hang my head, oh well, it's gone now.

Thanks for the info, you truly are Yoda of Weight xx
lol @ yoda of weight.

I always took the line of the more I understood about calories and food and how it all works the more chance I had of keeping the weight off, hence I am a food geek (and proud of it!) :)

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OMG.. Right... :rolleyes: I am 111lbs over weight (around about) but I was something like 150....

so... that means... that I've overeaten (150x3500) 525,000 calories!!!!!!!! woah!!!! :eek:

But on a lighter note...I've lost 44lbs since I started ...so I have lost (44x3500) 154,000 ... now that sounds loads better :)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hey icemoose, surely you meant to say "The more about food I know, the more likely to keep the weigh off I am" ?? :)


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Hey Icemoose, I always like reading your facts and figures. Everytime someone on the lipotrim forum asks about how much water they should drink I direct them straight to your sticky. WE NEED ALL THE FACTS AND FIGURES, KEEP THEM COMING.


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Hmmm - great thread - thanks Icemoose!

It's defo food for thought:rotflmao:
Thats really interesting stuff to know,
but I see where your client is coming from..

I can weigh myself before bed and then again first thing in the morning ( after the loo of course ) lol and there can be 4lbs difference lighter.

Hence why its best to just get weighed at your weekly weigh in ..:)

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