You have such a beautiful face!!!!!!!!!

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  1. shelley73

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    Ok, this might sound like I am "man/ husband/ coworker bashing" but I have to get this off my chest.I have had a weight problem for some years now and my OH doesn't seem bothered, as long as I am happy he is too, but he has started to say something which is driving me mad!!

    Whilst sitting on the settee at night relaxing least four times this week he has come and sat with me looked deep into my eyes and delivered the line.........

    "You have such a beautiful face"

    Maybe it's because it's TOTM but it is driving me crazy as I hear.....

    "yeah the face is ok but the body is a mess”

    I know he loves me and all that and he would be gutted if he knew I was writing this but it's horrid, people at work have even started it now and I don't think it will be too long until I have a call from HR for pooring water over the next person who delivers this line.

    Am I not a beautiful person? maybe I should ask that next time!!

    Sorry to moan and thank you for letting me get it off my chest.

    Shelley x
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  3. sonkie

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    People can be so incensitive at times, and a lotof our problems why we get so big is because of comments like does nothing to help us get in the right frame of mind.
    If I was you I would tell your husband how insensitive he is being and that if he doesnt support you you will never achieve your aims. This is totally unfair tell him how much it upsets you.

    We have all been in this place too, my ex was also like this but be strong for yourself (easier said than done) and relish in the compliments that come your way ........
  4. debz32

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    Hey Shelley....I bet he thinks he's boosting your confidence...and would be horrified if he realised how hurt you need to tell him....he needs to understand that you have been upset by this... he probably thinks he's helping....:rolleyes:

    Men really don't think like's just the way they're made !!

    Talk to him.....sort it out cos he'll probably keep saying it unless you tell him how it's made you feel.....

    Debz xx
  5. Starlight

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    Sorry but I dont think he's being insensitive at all. I know we can get over sensitive when we're over weight & TOTM doesnt help either.

    I have someone who frequently tells me I look gorgeous, my eyes are beautiful.... I have to say I dont ever hear that and think hes saying that and being derogatory about the rest of me.

    You said yourself hed be gutted if he knew you were upset about it which sounds like you know its a genuine compliment. Especially as you say he looks deep into your eyes when he says it, so it doesnt sound like hes just desperately trying to find something nice to say.

    As far as colleagues are concerned... thats a different kettle of fish.... I find any compliments hard to take from colleagues lol

    Look on the positive side, it sounds like you have a lovely hubby who genuinely loves you :)
    Shelley it sounds like your OH just really loves you and its lovely hes not shy in telling you. Maybe next time he says it you could say something in a sort of jokey manner 'Hey what about the rest of me'
  6. pandora

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    my hubby, when i get dressed up to go out, will tell me i look "ok", whatever size i am. After 14yrs together i have to accept thats just the way he is, as much as i don't like it & actually find it quite demoralising. I have told him & his answer is "well you do look ok what more do you want me to say" When i suggest "you look lovely" or "really nice" he says "thats what i said, you look ok"
    What i'm trying to say is, men doen't allways understand how these , seemingly inocent remarks, afect us. Tell him & hopefully he'll be more understanding than my miserable husband.
  7. Ajax

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    awwww big hugs, i am the same as you, i get a few people say to me.. you have such a lovely face, and I take it as in insult, when I know they are just trying to be nice. Have a chat tell him how you feel, but be nice, he was just trying to be! :) I have to ask my hubby if I look ok for him to compliment me, so relish in the fact you have a fab hubby that does it without being prompted. Re read this thread in a few days time see how you feel. HUGS xx Angela xx
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