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4/10..........not sure why though! Just feel poo :(
why hun? your nearly at the end of a very long road, im sending you some luvvvv xxx
6/10 - cuz I wish I was at home with my daughter and not stuck in work....

But im feeling good today - my skin is starting to clear up from all the water (yep only 6 weeks later!) and my hair is getting shiny.


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why hun? your nearly at the end of a very long road, im sending you some luvvvv xxx
Thanks hun. I've no idea...probably due on! You know how moody, us gals can get. I've not really got a reason....I'm getting frustrated with the diet at the moment. I always struggle to lose any more then I have at the mo. Its like my body is telling me this is the weight I should be, but I want to lose a bit more (a little buffer zone in case I gain a couple of pounds). Anyways, I know there are people with real issues out there so I'm going to stop moaning now. Thanks again hun.x
9/10 because the sun is out, feel great on the diet, and 4 weeks till i'm in spain! but i'm at work! x


weighs a lot less
8 out of ten,the sun shining again which is always good but i got so burnt yesterday i cant sit in it xx


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10/10 as its my last day before going to Cyprus to get married!X


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sorry I meant its my last day at work! Not my last day before traveling!X
Me, well 20/10 god im so good at my job, 1 weeks work complete in 2. Im just good handsome and good and a little more handsome. x


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Thank you ! Cant wait, getting nervy tho! Its all very real now its my last day at work! Not worried about getting married, I'm worried I cant control the tears!X
im still a 9/10 cos ive only thought about food twice! looking gud x


Says it as it is!!!
errrrr not a good day so 3 / 10


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8/10 Cos I had a lovely day with my daughter and granddaughter, but then my knickers blew away! ! !

Lol, its not what you're thinking. I bought myself some new thongs and put them on the back of the pushchair, but somewhere, somehow they blew off the pushchair. What really pees me off, is that someone must have seen it happen, and no-one picked them up and gave them back to me - they were in a bag too, its not as if it were just one odd pair x x x


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Hmmm not too sure i want to day 6 but im thinking 5/10! Have to say ive felt really slim today in my knew clothes although my size 14 pants are a litte big! My little girl is becoming a handful and i had belly ache too so yeah 5/10 lol xxx


fightin the fat !
10/10 as its my last day before going to Cyprus to get married!X
Ooooo Congratulations to you !!!! hope your big day goes well ..and may you and your husband to be realize all your dreams together xx Your looking fab by the way x

Day out of 10... erm has been around 7 .. been a decent day...am on the nervous side now..weigh in number 2 tommoro..not expecting much have been weighin @ home myself last few days.. so anything over 3 pounds is a bonus x
Cheryl, your a granny, you look brilliant! ;-)
I'd say 9/10.......I'm trying to be positive as I am back from hols, tanned and starting LT again this week. The 1 point it lost because I have to work tomorrow.

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