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Your No1 piece of advice for a newbie?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and good luck for this evening!

My pieces of advice would be, even if you have something that you shouldnt have, dont throw the whole day away. Minimise the damage.
Dont avoid the scales if you have been naughty...this only extends and then you can stop going altogether!
Plan, write and keep a food diary every day, even if you have stopped handing the ones into your Consultant.



Will be thin god dammit!!
Thank you Mrs V.....I must admit that i have often failed on diets cos ive had one little slip and then gone mad an eaten everything in the fridge!


Will be thin god dammit!!
If ive lost 2lbs tyhis evening i will be well chuffed!


Strutting her stuff
The 7Ps:
Prior preparation and planning prevents p*ss poor performance

But seriously, give some serious thought to what your danger times are and plan now for what you will do the next time that situation arises. if you don't then you will likely revert to old (bad) habits.
I would say that these first few months that planning is the key!

Sit dowm with your recipe books/magazine or recipe's from here & write yourself a meal planner.

You will soon get to grips with everything & in time need not be so srtict on the planning - but thats what I did & it worked!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Remember that nothing on this plan is banned so don't think 'you can't have it' - work out the syn value for it, if you really want it have it and then move on! Too often I've let a bad meal turn into a bad day turn into a bad week into a bad month... xxx
My advice would be:
*Do this at your own pace - don't feel under pressure to rush your journey
*Keep going back to your books - very easy to become complacent and think that you're doing the right things
*Like the others say...Plan ahead - unless you have the opportunity to go shopping on a daily basis :-D
*Make the most of superfree - it really does help to not only shift the weight, but also to give you glowing skin!!
Hope this helps.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Aww thanks for all your tips guys, Id like to thanks you via the button thing but i dont seem to be able to find it........
always have a fridge full of super free fruit and veg, even when the cupboard are bare you can always make something out of the superfree (or at least snack on it till you buy what you need!)

count your syns as you go,if i dont count as i go i know ill slip, i write everything down and add my syns to make sure i dont go over. but as other people have said, if you do, dont panic and just have a few less syns the rest of the week to even it back out xx


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Don't compare each weeks losses against other peoples, it doesnt help, and at the end of the day, you have to lose it as _your_ body wants to. It took me 6 weeks to learn this


Slow but sure....
Plan you food diary carefully, and then follow it to the letter, that way you WILL lose weight.

And DON'T weigh yourself every day.......

Good luck for your WI.
Jenpen I'm new to this too so I was just taking a peek at your thread ;) If you find the 'thanks' button, can you let me know where it is please! :confused::confused:

Hope the weigh in went well and good luck with the diet :)
What everyone else has said!

I would stress - read your book. Read it properly, then read it again from time to time.

So many times, when we get things wrong it is because we haven't read, or have forgotten, the rules.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Great advise from you all......weigh in was last night I lost 5lb so very happy!


Strutting her stuff
Jenpen I'm new to this too so I was just taking a peek at your thread ;) If you find the 'thanks' button, can you let me know where it is please! :confused::confused:

Hope the weigh in went well and good luck with the diet :)
You won't see the button until you have made at least 50 posts - so get chatting!


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I agree with what everyone else has said, but would add digital kitchen scales - healthy extras and syns always seem to be in odd amounts and I find it much easier to get the amounts right with digital scales.


Will be thin god dammit!!
i lost 5lb so im well chuffed with that........ still can't find the elusive thanks button though!

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