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Your Thoughts?


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S: 19st5lb G: 10st0lb
Hi Everyone, hope you are all well today?

As Iv been reading through posts, I have realised there are many different reasons for being overweight. As LT is supposed to help us understand and realise the root problem of our overindulgance, I would like to ask people what they find the most negative aspect of being on LT. Maybe in the replies we will find something to overcome the negatives :) thats my theory anyway!

So my negative is not so much missing food as boredom. I used to go out a lot to restaurants with friends/family, I wouldnt go for a night out in town for instance due to my weight (another hurdle overcome when I reach my goal!!) but now I wont put myself through that. I also used to drink (a bit more than was good for me!) So I understand through LT how I turn to food and alcohol as a boredom breaker. What do you do to amuse yourselves/keep yourselves occupied?
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Yeah I agree with the social side of things.if I got with my mates then there would always be food and alcohol.I do tend to become a bit of a recluse while on lipotrim BUT I'm looking ahead at what a fantastic time I will have over this Christmas and how hot I'll look with my new body :)
To keep myself busy i read a lot and try to get out and do things.nights out now will be comedy clubs etc so it's still fun but drink and food not a necessity x


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S: 19st5lb G: 10st0lb
Ahh comedy clubs.. good one Taff :)

Im a recluse lol only go to my mums at the minute! Thank God for Sky Plus lol. I am looking to have a smokin bod too!! not content with just losing weight if Im going through this it going to be till I look the best I can :)


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the thing that is helping me through this is im training to be a make up artist so i am using my two days off a week to put all my time into that and then when im working im working for twelve hours so it doesnt really give me a chance to be bored.. i turn to food for celebrating anything.. i mean anything.. Or when im a bit upset i binge on food.. and when i started to find myself hiding it from my boyfriend thats when i knew i had gone too far. Oh and thank god for sky plus too because i record coronation street eastenders and come dine with me for when i get home after my shifts so i will always have something to watch..
S: 14st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 1st9lb(11.39%)
I was a recluse anyway lol I have 2 young children (2.5 years and 16 months) so they keep me pretty busy. My husband works nights, I would always have "supper" when he left for work. Now I just go to bed.

What I hate is that when I'm at work the staff still expect me to cook all of the meals while I'm there, even knowing my situation. I love to cook, even if it's not for myself but right now it can be a little too tempting.
oooh i like this thread :) i too was a recluse anyway,single mum of 2,a lot of time on facebook with a bottle of wine hiding away from the world :(

I feel empowered now that im moving away from the place ive been emotionally stuck in for the last couple of years

I have watched more tele and dvds in the last week than i have done in the last year i think,but every morning i wake up feeling like my tummy is flat and with no hangover so its all good :)

I got to this position after a man did me wrong (very wrong) and i kinda shut down from the world and piled weight on to 'protect' myself from getting hurt again..that was 2 years ago. I have felt trapped inside this body and unable to do break free from my 'hurt shield' (lol) but the last few months i have felt emotionally ready to let my guard down and let ppl close to me again,so now my heads in the right place i feel i can tackle the issue of my weight.

I have so far suffered a few physical side effects from lipotrim and have had a couple of rough days but overall i feel im lucky to what some ppl go through,to me im on the start of my journey back to myself and atm that is all the motivation i need

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