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Your thoughts?

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Right, so as some of you will know on the 29th I'm flying to Gibraltar until the 14th October.

Now I'm having a proper dilemma.

Up until recently I've been adamant that nothing is going to make me stop TFR before target. I mean seriously, it's my 24th on Wednesday and I'm staying on the shakes.

However Gib is going to present some challenges and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm travelling with my grandmother and staying with her at my father's apartment. She is a native Gibraltarian and therefore intent on feeding up everyone she meets. (Which incidentally is how I first became overweight) I know they are planning on going for meals out and there have already been arguments about me not eating and we're not even there yet! Not only that but as already mentioned I am staying with my father (only recently started talking after six years of stony silence - long story) who is a chef. He hasn't been told of the diet but I know he's not going to be happy. Due to the chef part I think he might challenge me to eat healthy things that he prepares for me.

Another problem to be thought about is emotional eating. I've been on this diet long enough to know that I don't need food to make myself feel better, however this trips presents me with an unavoidable meeting with someone whom I detest more than anyone else on earth and cannot bear to see pictures of, nevermind sit near. So this is a worry that I'll get so stressed I'll turn to food.

My original plan was to take 2 weeks worth of LT with me and stick to it. After several conversations this then turned to 'attempt to stick to it but if I have one meal with 2 shakes every so often I'll be okay' which has now turned into (with thanks to Medea :p) buy 3 weeks worth, take 2 with me and try my best to stay on TFR but if I have one or two meals out with family to save tears etc then stick to good choices etc and then I have one week to undo the damage before I go back to the pharmacy.

I'm so confused. I really, really don't want to come off TFR but at the same time I'm neither delusional nor Superwoman (unlike LisaLisa :D).

*le sigh* :(

What are your thoughts?
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I would re feed cos my gran is ukrainian and it must be bred into them to feed everyone in sight and when you said you got this way due to granny i was totally there with ya ha ha ha anyway refeed cos i really thinkyour gonna be up against it what with your dad and gran plus all the emotional upset with this person you dont like at least if you refeed and eat healthy then you cant do that much damage plus when you get back you will be glad of the shakes i know when i went on hols and got back i was sick of eatin i'd had enough if you dont reefeed and go with good intentions and it all goes to pot you will prob do loads of damage hope this helps you come to a decision x
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It's so hard isn't it hun, ultimately you have to do what you know is realistic for you. Personally I would try to stick with it, this is your journey and you are doing it for you - put yourself first.



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Hun I feel for you, what I would do is stick to meat and veg as much as poss no carbs, keep your ketosis and get back on the LT train (i'll post a thread in a min which might encourage you) You have seen the results of LT so wil have no prob in getting back to them, sometimes a change is as good as a rest.
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Hey babe, I do sympathise with your dilemma. Personally I would buy the 3 weeks worth of LT and take 2 weeks worth with you as Medea suggests then play it by ear. If you can stick to it then do so but if it becomes obvious that that isn't going to happen (when you are there you will be able to gauge better how the land lies) then stick strictly to lean chicken/fish and salad, no carbs. Hopefully then when you get back you can go back to 100% LT.

Good luck babe, with a plan and a contingency under your belt you can stop worrying about it coz worry is just going to stress you out more and this is supposed to be a relaxing holiday.

Happy Birthday for Wednesday Hunny.



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I agree absolutely with Cuddly Fairy, very sensible and well thought out advice there.
Life gets in the way sometimes Hun doesn't it? :confused:
Will look forward to hearing how it all goes, xx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
As I said at work Miss Brite...... buying 3 weeks worth will give you a bit of a buffer period so if you do eat (as I suggested not much more than steamed fish, chicken with a little green salad) you will stay in ketosis, well pretty much anyway (and no newbies, this is not a cheaters guide :D).

If you do slip (which I know you won't- or Mr Hand will have to take a short, sharp trip to botty land!) at least you have enough time to rid yourself of it before your next WI.

Remember my predicament this week? It was something I had planned to do (going away with work for a couple of days for those who don't know :)) and had thought about doing this. However, as it is only for a couple of days I have decided to keep the resolve and stay on the programme.

I think that if you decide to have a couple of meals whilst on holiday, you will be fine. I know that your nanny is not going to make you eat 24/7 as even though she may protest- she knows that this is working for you. As for Lordess Voldemort- screw her!!! Don't think about her, if she does turn up to a meal- you are still going to be eating like a sparrow! xxxx
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Mr Hand will have to take a short, sharp trip to botty land!

Lol Medea! Love that saying!!!!! We say "Mr Slappyhand is angry!"

Hi hun,

If you get the three weeks worth then you have all the bases covered. If you have your lt with you it will be a matter of playing it by ear.

I know it is difficult when it is family, but if you do decide to put what is important to you before your family's moans and groans then that is ok, you are entitled to be 'selfish'.

But you know we will all support you if you end up needing to eat, and help you get back on track when back in the UK if you find it is hard going.

Please just don't get too het up about it as I really think it is important for you to enjoy your holiday, you work hard, you offer loads of support to all of us on here and you deserve a great time x
Honey, from what I have read, I honestly think that you should re feed before you go, for a few reasons.

Firstly, its two weeks out of the year, you are gonna to be spending time with your father, so why worry about anything while your there, just eat sensibly, you can go back on LT when you come back.

Secondly Gibraltar is a beautiful country, you could eat sensibly and then have some beautiful walks to burn of the calories and help build muscle, and help reduce sagging, plus take your father or grand mother and have some bonding time.

Thirdly the person that you do not want to be near, do not worry about them, if you dislike them that much then they cant be that nice of a person therefor are neither worth your thoughts or your worries!

Just concentrate on having a fab time, and making amends with your father!

Laura x x x

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