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  1. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    I have just had a big of an accident with a family size bag of malteasers and i think the reason i felt like i needed them was because my boyfriend had just left my house and he is really keen on me sticking to my diet so i never have naughtiness when he is here so as soon as he leaves i binge.
    My other trigger is when i get home from school (as a teacher not a pupil) its a bit early for tea so i pig out and THEN have my tea. Its sort of my routine. AND i am STARVING after work no matter what i eat during the day.

    What triggers everyone else? Stress? Heartbreak? Boredom? Habit?

    I'm really curious as i think i may have more triggers than i am aware of.

    Kate x
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  3. mrtc

    mrtc Full Member

    Having a good day, having a bad day, tbh anything can be a trigger but i have plenty of excuses.

    My favorate excuse is i say aliens came and force fed me chocy but for some reason people dont belive me lol
  4. Liz Rayment

    Liz Rayment Full Member

    my main trigger is stress - thats when i tend to find my self reaching for some thing not so good to cheer me up.

    bordom and habit are also big ones that get me. On fri evening / all day sat i got to friends for gamign evenings - when there theres always cakes, crisps and chocolates on the table and has been a really big challange to not just pig out on them as we normally all would. Bordom wise is simialr when stuck at home of just bored i'd tend to reach for the crisps or savoury snacks again.

    so far 90% of the time i'm managing to keep the impulses down but some days are harder than others and it gets a bit bumpy.
  5. Balboa

    Balboa Determined!

    I'm the same Liz. I had a horrible day today - got humiliated quite loudly in public (details in my weight loss diary) by someone I hadn't seen in a while because of the weight I have put on. What is my reaction?... Be more determined to lose weight?... Nope - CHEESEBURGER & CHIPS - Nightmare!!
  6. rugbykirsty87

    rugbykirsty87 Never Give Up

    My triggers are usually food that I used to comfort myself

    For example. Rich Tea buiscuits. When I used to visit my nan she would cronically bully me telling me I was fat, telling me to lose weight and at one time telling me Ill never find someone who would want me as I was fat, and then she used to offer me Rich Tea Buiscuits. So I took them and ate them. I can easily polish off a packet of Rich Tea buiscuits in about 10 minutes, if that.

    My other foods are Kitkats, Penguins (I havnt touched a penguin in 3 years), Pork Pies and Chocolate Fingers.
    If I feel down I used to really pig out, but now ive realised that I actually feel worse after I pig out, then if I would have just left myself wallow and get on with it. All these trigger foods I can't just eat one. I will have the whole packet so tend not to buy them anymore, but they all stem from comforting me from bullying.
  7. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    So good to hear I'm not the only biscuit fiend in the world, bourbon creams are my heroin! Lol but yesterday a kid at school called me a fat useless teacher and I didn't even raid the staff room on the prowl for tastey treats!!

    Also I laughed a lot at the 'I havent touched a penguin in three years!' I have a mental image of a home for abused penguins hehehe

    Kate x
  8. kerry2008

    kerry2008 Member

    Mine are boredom and stress .... Find myself wanting to go to bed at 8pm just because im bored and i know ill eat if i dont lol .... And when i do its bad bad bad .... like whole easter eggs andfamily bars of aeros .... not good lol x
  9. sunnilove

    sunnilove Member

    same. i do alot of online gaming and it makes me wanna snack so easy to forget what your even putting in your mouth:eek:
  10. slayervixen82

    slayervixen82 Full Member

    Crisps are my biggest vice but luckily I don't buy any anymore so the temptation isnt there.

    Maryland cookies and bourbon creams should not be left alone with me..I won't be held responsible for the consequences!

    I mainly eat thrown boredom to be honest but I also tend to eat when I'm sad and think about my mum who passed away last year. I try not to be weak but I am only human.
  11. europabug

    europabug Full Member

    I find that eating triggers the craving for more food as i got so used to feeling full. Portion control is what i need! Also because i ate puddings regularly eating, especially in the evening make we want to eat something sweet. Now i don't like the feeling of being full as it reminds me of how i used to eat.

  12. Whovian_gal

    Whovian_gal Looking for the blue box

    Mine is definitely when I come home from work about 7.30pm and that half an hour between walking through the door, and having my dinner.
    My biggest vice is crisps and bread. Could quite happily stand in the kitchen and eat 4 slices of bread and butter whilst waiting for my tea to cook.
  13. Hider28

    Hider28 Full Member

    my main trigger is a night out - I find myself wanting to stay away from social situations as a night out equals booze and then food the next day!

    My new way of thinking is to treat the day after as cheat days - go on the treadmill on the night out days and not to eat over 1800 calories (with view to burn some off the next day).

    Whether or not that happens or not - time will tell!
    Hope so though.
  14. Whovian_gal

    Whovian_gal Looking for the blue box

    oooh yeah the post-alcohol munchies. They're a killer :(

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