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Your Ultimate Goal

Hey Guys,

Ive been reading a few of your goals on your Sigs n its brilliant to see so many that have already been achieved!

I was trying to think of a few of my own, but then I got thinking "What is my Ultimate Goal?" and to be honest I dont know, sure I'd love to be able to actually buy clothes from River Island but I dont know at what point ill be able to think to myself "Yay Ive done it" obv im not just reffering to my Goal Weight.

Im gonna print my list so far out and stick it on my fridge!

Does anyone else have one ?
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I have a picture of jessica simpson next to a picture of me right next to my laptop lol - that keeps me motivated.

At the moment my goal is making it through each day :)

Ive got a the infamous Armani David Beckham picture as my desktop and that helps me too! :)


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S: 15st12lb C: 14st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 1st0lb(6.31%)
nothing like the motivation of a good looking man - nice choice. Jude law is my kinda man
For me, my goal is to be a size 12 - I really don't care the weight! And, to look amazing for my mate's wedding!!!! Fingers crossed I can make it!!
I just want to get to a healthy weight to help manage some health issues I have, wearing smaller clothes is a bonus :)


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My goal is to have a body fat in the 'fitness' range and to be slap bang in the middle of my BMI acceptable range. However, when I set this goal I realised it was something like 98lbs I'd have lost in total if I reached it. So, I turned my goal into a lost of 100lbs for the sake of OCD.


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My goal is to see a new starting number on the scales i.e from 18st something to 17 st something etc, I can't think much beyond that because it's all so far away for me, but my summer holiday in August is a huge motivator because I don't want to look like a beached whale this year.

I'm at the 16st something stage at the mo and I really want to get to the 15's because that will give me a huge buzz.


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I guess I have two Ultimate Goals. One is to feel 'normal' about food. I'd like to see it just as energy, rather than something to be consumed as quickly as possible/something to cheer me up/an enemy that I can't resist. I think I'm on the way to that one because of CD and a lot of introspection!

The other, more superficial one (but still very important to me) is to be slim for my wedding next year. I feel very self conscious at the moment and it's taking the shine off the excitement. I want to be excited but I have all these nasty nagging thoughts -- "Will I get a dress to look nice on me?" "Everyone will be looking at me." "I'll have yucky fat photos."

Funny though -- those were not the reasons I started CD. The main reason I started was because of my health!


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My reasons were for health and self esteem/vanity. Healthwise I want to by physically fit and also deal with the mental stuff about my relationship with food. I am getting there I think. I no longer go off and have a binge if I go slightly off piste. So I am getting nearer to achieving that goal, though the real test will be when I stop CD altogether. My other goals, self esteem, vanity etc change from week to week. Each time I lose a bit of weight I think gosh I can keep going perhaps I will get to a size 8 to 10 again? (I'd be happy to get to a size 10 for my 5ft 2ish frame). I still can't beleive I have lost weight, it feels almost surreal despite the evidence of loose clothes etc. Guess it is time to have a full length photo taken.


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Same as most people, health and self esteem. I'm sure that the reason I've been overlooked for job promotions is down to my weight, there has been no good reason given in any feedback. :(

My wedding next year is the final initiaive, it's booked, paid for and as no family will be there our main record will be the photos, so they need to look good! :)