1. georgiasmum

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    As part of my diet process I have been looking at the way i 'talk' to myself and the names I refer to myself as in front of others. Eg jellybelly or barge arse.

    Now this may be a bit of harmless self deprecation or is it a symptom of what I really believe I am????
    Many times I have chuckled over the ingenuity of some people when they log on here or on dh with an imaginative name. Other times I am saddened because I think that by giving yourself a derogatory name is reinforcing y/our poor self image. I'm not singling out individuals nor am I passing judgement in anyway, just reflecting on the fact that I need to talk to 'me' better - I wouldn't tolerate the verbal abuse from the pupils I teach that I have dished out to myself over the years.
    I also include myself in having a rather limiting username - georgiasmum. I AM Georgia's mum and proud of that and I love her with no bounds but there is more to me than just being Georgia's mum and I think because I have lacked self esteem, been unhappy etc etc I took on the mantle of Georgia's mum without thinking about Mel, the cool chick who is many things in life. Anyway folks, just a thought.xxxx
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  3. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hiya Mel

    What a very good post and to be honest with you when I used to see your name coming up I used to wonder was that all you were.... if ya know what I mean???? even tho that in itself is a massive achievement but I always wondered who the person was behind Georgia so its very interesting that you have posted this.

    I'm delighted to see that you are a cool chick!!!

    You are doing so well and this journey whether CD/LT or LL is such a learning curve and its brill :D :D

    Gen xx
  4. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Very very good point, and something for us all to think about.

    Can I just say, if anyone does want to change their name please just let one of the Supermoderators/Moderators know and we will do that for you. :)

    My name?! D_Q stands for Drama Queen, which I am proud of be, and happy to be Minimin's Resident Drama Queen! :cool:
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Very Good Thread Georgiasmum:) :) :)

    My user name started on DH when I wanted to find Mini Me....still a work in progress!

    and at the time I was thinking also of one day of fitting into a Mini car ....still dreaming...I have a lovely replica new red mini model (toy)I got as a little present:)
  6. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Yes some peoples names do sadden me on here as the fat is merely a duvet around the real us and shouldn't be who we are defined by in our name.
  7. twinkle

    twinkle twinkle

    Thats a really good point. I use my nick name a name given to me by a cousin of mine, and it relates to the fact that I have a paralysed foot - she used to call me twinkle toes to take the mick! I dropped the 'toes bit' and just use twinkle or twinks lol :)
  8. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Hmm, i just rather boringly used my real name! What does that mean? I suppose if I had thought about it I may have come up with, 'knackered of Eastbourne' or ' Mines a white wine' but to be honest, although I get fed up with myself I don't often call myself names. I guess that is good, although a really inspirational name would have been good. Like ' this time is my time' or ' slimsoon' or similar. Hmmmmmmmmm
  9. Ajax

    Ajax Finally...Life begins

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    Ok, I know what you mean, but I chose AJAX as my nickname to my surname and my first initial added on!

    Not pronounced like the place or footy team!
  10. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I choose the username Ivy after the singer who sings - 'Worry about you'

    The lyrics are so amazingly simple, but there is just something about them

    Bye bye baby.
    Don't be long.
    I'll worry about you while you're gone.
    Bye bye baby.
    Don't be long.
    I'll worry about you while you're gone.

    I'll think of you in my dreams.
    You'll never know just what you mean to me...

  11. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Well when I joined up I wanted to have the user name of curvy_goddess - which would be the same as the title of my blog - but it was already taken! So I swapped the goddess for Chicken (I think Chickens are wonderful, amusing creatures...) and was happy with that!

    To be honest I've choose my user name of curvy goddess/chicken as a positive thing for me because ultimately its what I want to become... (Initially it was closely tied in with my blog aims).

    No matter how much I weigh, I will always have a curvy figure. And I feel lucky that in the main I like my body shape - I just want to lighter, healthy and curvy...
  12. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    How lovely that people are sharing the origins of their names - cool :cool:
  13. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Mine is the username I have on another forum about my chooks who always seem to up to something :D
  14. smartlazydaisy

    smartlazydaisy Member

    Weight Watchers
    I named mine after my Cat Daisy, she is smart - always gets what she wants and does loads of funny things and very Lazy, sleeps, eats, sleeps, eats!!

    So SmartLazyDaisy!!!
  15. tulips

    tulips Regular Member


    Because I love the flowers and they always make me smile! :D

    Everyone knows they are my favourite flowers and that's what I get sent for special occasions!

    I also tried to plant some in my garden a few years ago....I killed em!!! ( wel, I think the frost did actually!!!) :eek:
  16. Mrs D

    Mrs D Member


    I picked my name as a result of YOU - MEL (Georgiasmum)and Cary, (French Fancy), I think it was Cary that used to say I sounded like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted -

    I DON'T (for started I am a Dublin Girl!!!)

    but both Cary and Mel always referred to me as Mrs D and it just kinda stuck!!

    Thats how I got my name - so Mel, I agree, you are so very much more than Georgias Mum, but you and Cary are the reason for my screen name!!!!!!

    Aideen (aka Mrs D!!!) :)
  17. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hi Aideen

    A Dublin girl are ya??? Me too... where abouts are ya from??

    Gen xx
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  19. Candyshandy

    Candyshandy Member

    My friend's little girls call me Auntie Candy Shandy (real name Candice) cos their dad once called it me after a very drunken night out !!
  20. Great idea for a thread.
    I chose mine because I had/have a 'WEIGHTY PROBLEM' - at the beginning in Jan06 literally too much weight - now 6.5 stone lighter & 10lbs to goal the thought of maintenance weighs heavily!! I'm looking forward to it but scared as I really really want this to be a permanent change.
    And of course there is the 'weighty problem' of my credit card bill now I'm able to buy nice clothes in smaller sizes - but that's a nice problem!! :eek: :eek:

    Keep well all

    PS Can anyone tell me how to update my ticker???
  21. Mrs D

    Mrs D Member

    Hi Gen

    A dub from many locations really, grew up mainly in Glenageary and Ballsbridge, where are you from?

    I now live nr. Bath in Wilts, but still am a real Dub at heart!! :) Don't think it ever leaves you. Do you still live over there?
  22. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    My name was a nickname which originated from a vereeee drunken night out when all my friends decided to give themselves porn names ( this sounds worse than it actually was :eek: ) so we made names up names for each other but had to abide all night to our porn name i was kandykittenlips and it sort of stuck ! :rolleyes:

    So thats where Kandy came from the evils of lager hey !!!!
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