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"You're not fat!"

What IS it with family members and saying this?! My mum came over today and saw I was doing CD again and was like "You don't NEED to lose weight! You're not fat"


Sorry but have you seen me naked, woman?! She went up to 12 stone when she stopped smoking and all she did was complain about how fat she was and how much she hated it, how does she think I bloody feel?! With her being 7 stone and a size 6!:mad: If I wanted her opinion I'd bloody ask for it!

Rant over...:rolleyes:
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Honey..... I hear ya

My dad on Saturday ( bless him though) said I was and I quote ' verging on becoming anorexic'

Now I ask you, when was the last time you saw a ten stone odd anorexic LOL !!!!!

I think it's just a family thing

:D I just let it all go over my head and Ive had all these comments even at 17 stone ....'oh you not that big to do a diet like that '

Errrrrr what ???????!!!!!!!!


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I've just got to 12st 2lbs and i keep being told that i need to stop now or i'll be too skinny and if i carry on i'll waste away, it is friends that are saying this family are being really good and supportive. Ridiculous really i'm still overweight. I just ignore it or blin them with BMI.
I completely agree with this post,I even get the old "but your tall" even off our lovely friend who is a gp, then like double d's mum, my m-in-law who went up from 7 and a half to 8 and a bit stone when she gave up her fag diet sits there moaning about how fat she is-I am always tempted to correct her fat no,but vain and insensitive yes! x


Size 14 here i come!
Oh yes i think most of us have had this at one time or another, this is my second time at losing alot of weight, 4st 1st time and this time i am about 3-4 lb away from where i stopped last time. BECAUSE of people saying these things to me, mainly my mum!!
I will not let it stop me this time, i think they are so used to seeing us larger that when we lose weight they don't think we look right, silly i know.
I used to get the 'you have lost enough now, if you lose anymore then you will be too thin!' comments at 12st!!??? I DON'T THINK SO! How can someone who is 5'2" and still wearing size 16 bottoms be too thin FFS?
Sooo anyway, lol, now you know you are not alone in this one! Ignore them all and do what YOU want to!
Phew, feel better now.


She's me in a few months


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I had someone say this to me yesterday and I laughed, hard. I was like err I'm still 5 stone overweight love, I am bloody fat!


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I'm sure its because people love you the way you are and are scared of you changing!

Sometimes its jealousy though!

Laura Croft

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BMI isn't the be all and end all of measurements. I still remember laughing when I saw my first 'before photos.' I really wasn't as big as I thought I was. Sure some people try to sabotage but I think others genuinely meet that you look as fine as you are. And remember some people aren't used to seeing you look smaller so it is a shock for them and the weight loss happens so fast.

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