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YUK! Come to join you from LL and..

S: 12st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 2st0lb(15.47%)
I have spent the last 17 days using up old lighterlife pack and have lost 10lb (had hoped for more) today i have started exante and i have to say i'am really going to struggle, the packs taste so so bad, tom soup tastes like frothy vomit (sorry) the vanilla shake is pretty bland, i was hoping the strawberry shake would be better but again really bland and malty, at least with ll the shakes taste like the flavours they are meant to. I so desperatly want to do 1-2 months on exante but just don't know i can do it.:cry:
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Give it a wee while longer, the packs are actually dare I say quite nice when you get used to them. Youre obviously comparing them to LL but Exante packs dont have various things in them that LL do and they may appear bland in comparison.

If its any consolation the tomato soup isnt a favourite. I live on just vanilla and chocolate shakes. Try the vanilla hot, with a spoonful of coffee and a couple of sweetner, its lovely.

Give yourself a bit of time to get used to the new flavours, youll be fine :) x


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Lol this is sooo similar to my post :) I feel the same! I'm hoping sweeteners do the job !! X good luck!!


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Hi I came from cambridge, and I wasn't blown away by the tastes at first but if you remember your first couple of days on ll you prob felt the shakes etc were not as nice as normal food.

I've been on this for 2 1/2 weeks and have gone from hating all the soups to actually liking them, I have been changing them abit with garlic granules, black pepper, veg stock and worcestershire sauce and have come up with some interesting and nice flavours.

I have to put a sweetner in with my shakes but then exante hasn't got as much chemicals / preservatives etc that cambridge and LL have that's why the taste is different.

Give yourself a couple more days before you make any decision, you might suprise yourself.

Good luck

I hated the soups too so now just have the shakes.

Some people add salt/pepper/chilli to the soups to make them taste better.

As for the shakes, you can add sweetener (in tablet form) this helps with the taste.
Some people like them hot, or mixed hot and with a spoonful of coffee.

There is a thread here somewhere about how to make your shakes into different things, this may help you eat them! I will just go find that thread.


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Oh dear....not sounding good....I'm just waitng for my months supply to arrive!! Lol

But then, I am sooo not fussy with things like this, the only thing I have never liked on meal replacement diets are the soups, but then I'm not a big eater/lover of 'normal' soups anyway.

Think of it as medicine!


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some people add cinnamon to the shakes, I have tried it too as I hate the vanilla shake its not bad. :)


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It doesn't matter what it tastes like if you treat it as your 'skinny medicine" - if it was given to you in a medicine bottle labelled that, you'd hold your nose and get on with it. Sorry that sounds hard. Didn't mean it to. Just trying to say that it is a small amount of pain relatively speaking in return for what I thought was a bit of a miracle! I switched from LL to Exante and preferred the LL flavours but for me the huge difference in cost wasn't worth the slightly more palatable flavours which to be fair weren't that great either.
Good luck, you'll be at target before you know it!


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I prefer the exante shakes, they aren't as sweet as the LL ones. Try adding a sweetener. I don't know what to suggest about the soups. I wasn't brave enough to try them, so have no idea what they're like!
I, too, swapped from LL to Exante - mainly because I wasn't keen on the LLC and didn't find the counselling much use. The cost is also a major draw!

On LL I only had the strawberry, mushroom and cranberry bars, so I prefer Exante because I have more choice! I actually count the tomato as one of my faves <blushes>, but I count them as fuel not food, and the benefits outweigh the taste!!!

Stick to it, it's so worth it.


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karenlisa said:
Lol i was just about to say the same about your post!;)

I've tried the strawberry one again today with 3 sweeteners and it was ok!! How are you finding them now? :)


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S: 15st7lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 5st9lb(36.41%)
karenlisa said:
Well i just had the choc shake and think its the best of a bad bunch, hoping to get used to them!
The only one I've not tried is vanilla. Trying this for dinner about 5:30! The more I'm having the more they are ok! Lol

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