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Hi Chaps,

I think I am in real trouble!! I have developed an aversion to water!!! Just the thought of it or the look of it turns my stomach. I think I have overdosed!!

I am hoping the feeling wears off because if it doesn't I'm in real trouble.

I have been taking in lots and lots of water throughout the diet and managing it very well. Today I had a particularly busy day at work and while I drank lots (about 4/5 pints) not as much as I would be able to manage on a less busy day.

To compensate I drank 1ltr of sparkling water between about 5.00p.m. and 6.00.m. and then about an hour and a half later another 730cls over a period of about an hour and a half - so nothing mad - but I could puke!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: .

I have awful nausea and just want to be sick - just looking at the tap makes me feel ill.

I did do most of the water on an empty stomach. Again my job is not condusive to lunch breaks so when I work I have two packs in the morning and then another one with my family when we sit down to dinner (8.00-8.30p.m.) and then a bar about 10.00a.m.

I am really starting to struggle on the diet. My engergy levels are always low and after nearly 6 weeks I am more often than not totally wiped out.

I still have about 1 stone left to lose - I just need to be able to hang in there for another 2/3 weeks.

I am desperate to continue but I feel really sick and not at all well.

My GP is not LL friendly so no use talking to him but to be perfectly honest I don't think there is anything wrong with me apart from the effects of nearly 6 weeks on a VCLD. My blood pressure etc is fine.

Any advice?!!

Sick and Desperate Possum :cry:
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Oh dear possum...not sure what you do but is there any way you can sip water through the day? I've found that the days I dont drink enough are the ones that I feel ill and tired on....The diet is very up and down and I can go from feeling euphoric one day and crap the next. Have you overdone it? I suspect that it may be that you just drank too much too quickly and have been overdoing it a bit...try just slowing down, sip water regularly and pamper youself a bit. You're so close to finising that that you can see the finish line! I also have a couple of cups of the marigold stock when I feel cacck & it helps - probably due to the salt...


has started again!!
Oh Possum, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling low. IKWYM re water. I try to have mine almost at set times during the day. I use a 750ml bottle, and I know if I can drink 4 of those before the end of my school day (breakfast, am classes, lunch time and pm classes) then I have only 1litre to drink once I get home. I quite often have 0.5 l hot with fruit flavouring to vary the changes, and some with soda or sparkling again as variety. I agree with ISOM re the marigold, as I think we do need a bit extra salt from time to time.

I am not sure about the tiredness tho. I get it too, often I feel totally drained and its an effort just to put one foot in front of the other. I sometimes literally just sit on the sofa after they have all eaten, thats it, just sit. Dont care if tv is on or not, just sit there knackered and vacant. Makes me very low. I have been on this VLCD for 14 weeks and anticpate another 5 months or so, hence my other post re moods etc!

I think there may well be something in the NICE report and suggestion that we up the calories every so often to give out bodies a rest. Would it be worth talking to your LLC about the milk week? LL want us to take the milk in week 13, but maybe as you had a bit less to lose than people like me with over 8 stone+, the diet affects you differently? (I have no idea, just a thought.)

Also, maybe you do need to reevaluate your goal. What kind of BMI are you aiming for? My LLC tells us not to use BMI as a "blunt instrument", as we are all of differing body types, ages etc, and although 25 is dictated as the healthy goal, it may not be for everyone. As an aside, my goal is currently BMI 25, hence the 5 stone-ish left to go, but many people are saying thats too far for me. I suspect its because they have never ever seen me anywhere remotely slim before, and just cannot visualize it!

Any way, I really hope you feel better very soon. This diet is hard enough to deal with without feeling literally sick and tired. Chin up and sending you lots of {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}.

G: 12st0lb
Hi skinny posum to be!
Re your water aversion, Have you considered you may have Rabies?? LOL sorry couldnt resist it, becuase I have been feeling the sa,me and just the sight of all that water in my jug waiting to be drunk makes me want to run away, and I thought oh1 thats what rabid dogs do isnt it? LOL. But seriously, have you thought of using non caffien tea like the redbush tea which is as hydrating as water and would count towards your 4 lites. Its easier I think to drink hot drinks than glasses and glasses of cold plain water.
Another thing I have found helps is to drink the water at room temperature rather than cold from the fridge, seems to go down better and dosent make me run to the loo as often either.
Hope you dont mind the little joke and that some of the suggestions help.
X carole


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Hi Sez and Heaven Can Wait,

Thank you so much for the empathy and sympathy!!

It does help to know that I am not the only LL candidate who is failing to reach the 'high energy' levels 'advertised on the pack'!!

I got a copy of the new magazine today (really good read) and while I haven't read it all yet could find only references to people enjoying high energy levels and feeling better than they have for years whilst on the diet!! In the Questions section, one person asks about how she can increase her excercise uptake given her low energy levels and that was dismissed out of hand i.e. the inference being that the low energy levels resulted from a lack of exercise!!

I know that isn't true - I take as much exercise as I can (at present lots of walking and 2/3 spinning sessions a week - mostly two as I am knackered) but I am competly whacked. Even getting out of the car is an effort (no exaggeration!!!).

I am coping with water better today but my tolerance is not what it was. I used to be able to drink a pint in one sitting - now I can't get to half a pint without gagging. I am percevering however and sipping as suggested.

Regarding re-evaluating my goal, I have considered that but I do need to lose more weight in order to be in proportion. Today I tried on a size 12 trousers and top (Fat Face - nice!!) and I do need to shift a bit more around my middle. My upper half is fine but my waist and midrift area are still too "cuddley". I want to look good in a size 12 and that is my aim.

My plan is to get down to 10stone (less than 1 stone to go) and then I will stop!!

I will be having some food next weekend - my gran's birthday party. But I have planned ahead and it is salmon and green salad for me and only on the day and then it is back to the packs. I did that once before (about 4 weeks ago) and it didn't affect ketosis - I'm working along Atkins principles.

After next weekend I am hoping that another 3 weeks will see rid of the last stone and then I have to decide on whether to do Maintenance or go it alone - I am tempted to go it alone but I have still to decide.

Thanks again for the solidarity - much appreciated.
Are you using the flavourings? A bit of variety might help, maybe have some as ice lollies. I have always found the water hard, but I make up my packs with 400+ ml of water, which helps


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Hi Littleblue,

Tried the flavourings once and I found it a bit like Andrews Liver Salts!!!

I might try again though if I continue to have trouble.

Thanks X


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hi, just wondered if you'd had the water flavourings with hot water? I drink that all day instead of black tea or coffee, it's a life saver for me!:D


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Hadn't thought about trying them hot Harri - I will do that.

The thoughts of a nice hot sweet drink sounds gorgeous.

Thanks :character00238:

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