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  1. vickydink

    vickydink Determined!!

    Ambrosia crumble puds! OMG!

    How yummy are they?!!!
    Thought i would get one to see what they are like thinking, nah they wont be up to much, long shelf life heat up in microwave, nah.

    Well i had it after my tea tonight, YUMMY!

    Think it was 187 cals but worth it if you have the cals at end of the day. Absolutly gorgeous, im stocking up on these, they are only about 65p in Asda.

    There is also Rhubarb, apricot and jelly.
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  3. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    187 aint too bad in my book for a tasty pudding! Better than a chocolate sponge thing....!
  4. Lady Marmalade

    Lady Marmalade Bad girl warning...

    Ooh I might have to look out for these. I like the little pots of Ambrosia low fat rice pudding, 123 cals per pot, with a teaspoon of reduced sugar jam. Nommy!
  5. vickydink

    vickydink Determined!!

    I like the Ambrosia chocolate custard in pots, REALLY chocolatey It's 167 a pot i think and like you say, worth it for a tasty pud if u have the cals left.Some weight watcher puds are only a bit less than that :)
  6. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    I'm off shopping today!!!!

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