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Total Solution Yummy Mummy With No Tummy ( heres hoping )

Well thats day1 over and done with, feel abit hungry but hey i kinda new it wasnt going to be a walk in the park and too be honest in my darkest days of hating how i look going a couple of days without eating in the thought id wake up slim it is going ok.
Had a bar for brekky ( well late lunch ) then a strawberry shake and the Thai chick chick soup, all made in the blender as i cant abide lumpy bits ( unless its a sweet n sour soup with crispy won ton in it pmsl ).
Am in the process of having a row with my hubby as he really cant understand whats going on and is i think alittle bit concerened for my reasons ( why are men so insecure when WE want to look good and feel confident ??)......
So i am going to write what i feel and be truthful each day in the hopes that by the time this journey is over i can read back what i wrote and start to deal with the reasons to why i over eat and how to try to control them....
Tonight i realised that because im a tad emotional and hubby is in a mood with me that my 1st reaction is too hit the fridge and thank goodness im feeling so pig headed and pissed off that i have no intention too .....
Roll on day 2....and best of luck too all of us follwing this plan..xxx
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Well done for making it through day 1, the days do get easier!

Aarrgh men are silly aren't they when it comes to their wife/gf losing weight.
I was dumped once last year because the guy I was with didn't want me to lose weight, what a prat!

Good luck with the rest of your week hun x
Well done on day 1! Just get through the first few days and it starts to get easier when ketosis kicks in.

Men work in mysterious ways! My OH has been having a few sulks recently too - think it's probably something to do with the diet. They'll get over it I'm sure! :p x
Day 2......well spent the whole day out and didn't take my grub with me, went to a greasy spoon cafe, mcdonalds, various other places that I love the food and stuck to either water or a black coffee or both, was proper hungry when I got back at 4 pm and had a shake, made crisps with vegetable soup for my dinner ( whilst I cooked a joint of pork in a balti sauce !!) then had choccy bar in small pieces for tea.... Altogether an ok day and with ++ on my pee scale seems I'm getting there , hope everyone stayed ok today x


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Keep going lovely! It does get easier promise.
Ah men are silly creatures sometimes :)

Make sure you drink enough water x


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Well done on your first 2 days, I am on day two of Exante, I managed TS for day one, but today has been a WS day as had roast chicken and green veg for lunch as it is my sons 2nd birthday and we all had lunch together. Planning for the rest of the week to be TS. How are you finding it today? hope you are well, goodluck, Sarah :)
Day three, well have been completely on plan today, drunk my water and ate my food. Am in a foul mood sulking upstairs because I just feel my hubby and 14 year old take the right p outta me sometimes , I have no problem cooking all there dinners , but permanently snacking on choccy bars the minute I sit down with my food ( I kid you not ) is really upsetting me. I'm not upset that there eating nice things I'm upset that I've been to work since 6.30 am got home and haven't stopped since , and the minute I go to make a shake or a soup the toaster goes on or they eat crisps ,all I get is start Monday again come on enjoy yourself.....sorry rant over and baby is crying so gotta dash lol !!


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Hope you're having a better day today :)
Ok day 4 went great honk honk !!!, now day 5 , have to say honk honk, have still been going to the gym 3 hours a week ( only time creche open ) and am burning off what I eat ... Umm not sure if that's such a great idea in the long term ....am counting down the days till 28 is over already lol... Weird how a plain ham sarnie is almost looking like a gourmet meal as I make my sons tea!!!!have a job interview on Friday so hoping I get the job as it means I can give up working for the crap company I do now .... All in all a good day , thank heavens for coke zero and well done all the losses you peeps wrote today, very very impressed, am looking forward to Friday morning WI ......xxx