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Powdered Toast Man
I actually really like that one lol
just having a soup the cheese and whatdoyoucall it and it's horrid!!! i am going to drink it though, wont buy any more of that one yyyyyyuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk!!!
Put some boullion and white pepper in it ... yum!
ewwwww it tastes worse now. eeeeewwwwwww can i bring myself to drink that vile stuff?
I'd drink it for yah ... tis good stuff woman! :D
I have just had the veg one I quite like that, have heard others say its awful, chicken and mushroom is nice too. Didnt get the cheese and brocoli too many said it was awful so I didnt bother.

I did have to hold my nose and swallow for the oriental chilli one though, definitely an aquired taste I think.
So correct me if I'm wrong here Nessa, but I'm thinking that maybe you didn't like the cheese & broccoli, just a hunch :p;)

I think it's ok too, not my favourite - that's Oriental Chilli, yum, yum. Good job we don't all like the same things though isn't it :)
you done well to finish it, i had one mouthfull...and that soup will never touch my lipz again. lol


jelly belly
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told ya ness
vile stuff lol
i tried the soups 20 years ago and till this day i can still taste em

i just have choc,strawberry and bananna shakes

kaz :D


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lmao the things we put ourselves through!! i love the veg,spicy tom and chilli, kaz they are better than years ago hun coz icouldnt touch them then either.
I need to get ur mobile number again as my number has changed and i lost it. will u email me pls xx
Have just been weighed this morning and lost 3lb AND just bought the cheese and brocolli soup.

Am now in a flap cos I daren`t even try it now after all these comments lol :( :eek: :sigh: