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zebredys' Weight Loss Diary (new)


Sci-Fi Geek
I did have a diary on here ages ago, but thought I would start a fresh one as I had been away from the site and WW for a while and only really posted a few time here and there (been back for good for a month now though)..

So here goes, nothing much to say as of yet that I haven't already said elsewhere, but just in case you didn't read any of my other posts or want an update....

I'm 29 and would like the weight off and to become a gold member before my 30th in December, though that said I'm not going to give up then or say 'look I did it I'm thin at 30' then pile some or all of it back on.

It is an achievable goal as I only have a stone to go now till I reach the top end of my goal weight (which is supposedly between 7.4 and 9.2stone according the WW)

Unlike many, I am not doing this alone, my hubby goes to meetings as well, in fact he was the reason we both started going to the meetings in the first place.

He is diabetic and was close to insulin and when the doctor said about maybe being put on insulin next time she saw him, it really woke him up to how bad it really was, and that's what tipped him over the edge and made him finally wake up and do something about his weight problem.

I on the other hand had no medical conditions to speak of, but seeing 12stone 13 on the scales, well that was my turning point. I didn't want to hit 13 stone EVER

So together we joined WW and did the discovery plan which worked great for us. My hubby Matthew lost about 3stone and I lost over stone and a half. He went back to the doctors and they said (after he had had one of his blood tests) that some of his numbers were way better then expected. You should have seen his face, he was so happy and proud of himself and so was I.

Then along came Propoints, that little bugger had to spoil the party. We tried it for a few weeks, and both times I lost 2.5lbs, but it wasn't good news for Matthew, he gained a bit each week and it was so disheartening to see. 'Why did they have to change the plan and this close to Christmas, it was working so well' stuff like that was all he could say.

It didn't help that he was eating more then he had been previously eating on the Discovery Plan (think that was partly down to changing what he ate, and partly the fact that what he ate was pointed better on the new plan)

I told him that things might change after a couple weeks once he had adjusted to the new plan, so we decided to keep going regardless of him gaining. Problem was the next week we went, the meeting was cancelled due to snow (don't know why, I mean I made it there ok and the leader didn't live far away either, oh well) Anyway that was it, we left.

With Christmas right round the corner maybe it wasn't the smartest move we had ever made, but it certainly saved us a few quid each week lol (even if it was to the detriment of our health)

I can't exactly remember why we gave PP another try, but after a few weeks of 1 day chocolate and then 2 days later some more, and so on, and well another migraine spurred on by eating junk (ok to much chocolate) I think that was when I decided enough was enough and something had to be done about my weight there and then. I told Matthew I was doing it with or without him

I was taking some advice given to me by a friend, 'Do it for yourself and not for others, if they don't want to lose weight you can't force them, besides why should you be unhealthy or put your life at risk of serious medical problems in the future like heart-attack or diabetes or stroke, just because they don't care enough about there weight problems to do anything about it?'

For my hubby when he realised he had gained a stone, that was his turning point but either way, when I said I was going back no matter what, before he had weighed himself and seen the stone gained, he was giving going back some serious thought.

(It may sound rude but as much as I didn't want him to gain weight and never do, I was kinda glad he did, cause I know if he hadn't he would have got complacent about it all, and could have easily gone back to how he was before we ever stepped foot in a WW meeting hall)

So here we are - we gave PP another go, well we made a few changes of our own to the plan (which seem to have worked for us) like my hubby does not eat any of his weekly points, and when he was given 48 points a day to eat, he knew from past experiences that, that was way to many, so he stuck to 44 a day for the first couple weeks and only went over once in his first week (by just a few points) and it worked, he lost 7lbs his first week (wait-a-go him hey) Now he has lost some more weight, he is supposed to be on 45 but eats 43 and is ok with that too.

I like many was given the minimum amount of points to eat (29), and have decided not to exceed 15 weekly points as me personally, I have found eating to many really makes me feel like I am eating to much, more then I think I should be in order to really shift this weight gain of mine...

On my first week back I had a loss but even though I am proud of that, (which I suppose I should be) I am still more pleased with my hubby, cause another couple weeks of gaining weight again, and I'm not sure if he would have given up on Propoints altogether, and I really didn't want to be doing it along, thank god I don't have to :)

Anyway that's it (for now)if you got this far thanks for reading and sorry for the long first post, I'll try not to make the rest this long in future lol
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Sci-Fi Geek


Sci-Fi Geek
Thanks Kernow Jo, will have a look at your diary when I get back tonight from day 1 of this stupid 3 day course which may end up getting me a job in the long run so can't complain too loudly...

Oh its not so much the course I mind (though I am worried cause I often find it hard to remember things and 3 days to take in loads of stuff and pass in order to be qualified enough to be offered work is worrying me) You know the main problem is doing this course with my dad.

He isn't doing it to be nasty or to sabotage my weight loss (and he is even paying for it), but I just hate it when no matter what I say, he won't listen. He said to have a McDonald with him this morning as we have a long day ahead of us and it will keep me going. WTH

What about people who work 10-12hrs a day, they don't always eat McDonald's every day and they cope just fine. Weight loss aside I don't want McDonald's today and I told him I was having something at home, yet he sent me an email with the course details on it, and reiterated the point about having McDonald's with him and that is was gona be a long day, which I know...

Needless to say crunchy nut cornflakes and milk are on the menu this morning regardless of what he says. (Let the arguments commence later on when I see him, wish me luck)

I have a bagel with ham and gem lettuce and a apple, and crisps and some cookies (all WW stuff as that's all I had to hand this morning) and that will definitely keep me going till dinner..

Its not about never eating out again, or starving myself, or never having that one treat again, if I want to make these changes for life, I can't keep slipping back into bad habits every time I go out and do a hard days work (like most normal people)

Grrrrrr!! Rant over lol, but I am sure many on here understand. We try to make these small changes and do this one step at a time, and when we say no to others or I'll bring my own stuff to the BBQ if you don't mind, its weird how they think we have hurt there feelings when actually by not letting us do it the way we want, they are hurting us more in the long run

(hope that made sense?)


Sci-Fi Geek
Just finished doing my three day training course to be a trained security guard. My husband works as a security trained receptionist and that's the kind of work I would like to get into.

I passed the PI (personal intervention) training, and the extra first aid course I signed up to do. Just got to wait on confirmation of the results for the 4 tests I had to sit.

My dad said about having a McDonald's, but I stood my ground. I'm not one that gives in when I truly set my mind on something, but he is not someone you always want to say No too, sometimes its best to say yes to keep the peace.

Anyway I brought lunch with me to eat during the day (which included snacks to eat through out each 12hr day)

I know apples are free (within reason) but my auntie does calorie counting, and if I remember correctly an apple is roughly 80 calories, so if I had 2 that works out at about 4 extra points I ate each day while on the course. Each to there own, but having the apples, I decided to put 1 point down for the two of them as I find eating to much free stuff (i.e. fruit) or using to many of my weekly means I have trouble losing the weight, and have to do that much more exercise to compensate..

I don't think there will ever be a diet out there that could truly account for how different each of our bodies is from everyone else. Plus where we work, where we live, who we live with, our ethnicity etc, as they can all be factors too.

All that aside, I have been looking more closely at what I eat or for that matter don't eat, and I have decided that I'm gona try to eat less carbs.

I think I am the biggest, did you hear me BIGGEST carbaholic on this forums lol. I mean every day I have at least one portion of rice or pasta or noodles with dinner or lunch, and at least three times a week I have a sandwich.

I have already started substituting white pasta and bread with brown pasta/bread, now its time for the rice. I am finding this very very hard as I have tried brown rice quite a few times to no avail (yuck) but I'm gona give it one more try and maybe this time cook it a little longer as I have been told this should help.

Other then substituting everything white for brown, I'm gona try at least one day without carbs (a week) and see how that goes for now. Its gona be hard to start with, but these things take time. As many have said, Rome wasn't built in a day, which is so true. Its got to be done if I want to get rid of this belly quicker (I think)

Anyway enough about food, which is making me hungry lol (glad dinner isn't too far off) I'm hoping to join a martial arts group tonight (we shall see) if I do it will certainly help with adding to the amount of exercise I do, but more then that it might actually help to get me out of the house more and interacting with other people (its can be very lonely when you don't have a job and your hubby works 12hrs a day 5 days a week, and your friends all live an hr away) also I did the PI training on my course (self defence training for those that don't know) and really enjoyed it, and so it got me thinking about taking up some form of martial arts where that is incorporated into it somewhat. Should be fun I hope..

I'll let you know how I get on, tomorrow, that is if the group isn't cancelled tonight (would be just my luck)

And lastly, missed my meeting this week due to the course I was on, but here's to being under 10stone on Wednesday (fingers crossed)


Sci-Fi Geek
Its a good thing that I don't eat when depressed, cause I would have been the size of a house by now :(

I don't mind not going to the martial arts group but it would have been nice for hubby to tell me sooner, that he might need to use the money I have on me for petrol, meaning it would be best if I didn't use it to go to the group... Way to burst someones bubble, was really looking forward to just getting out and doing something I might enjoy :(

I give up sometimes (not with weight loss) but stuff in general, I feel like I'm always being dealt the wrong hand from the pack of cards. I'm not looking to always get a royal flush, maybe a full house once in a while would be nice, but even that seems impossible at the moment...

I know I know, I hear the people saying get over it, but it just seems like its the story of my life, there are so many things I would love to do, but for one reason or another something always seems to get in the way (and not just money) its so frustrating.

Even when I get to being a gold member, I can see something spoiling that day/event/moment too :(

One day I will have that perfect day I long for ‪Perfect Day - Lou Reed & Bono & Dr. John & Elton John & D. Bowie & Duran Duran‬‏ - YouTube

Ah I'm sure I will get over this soon enough, here's to tomorrow hey..
You know, I tried I really did but giving up carbs is like an alcoholic giving up the booze (trust me I know, my Granddad was an alcoholic)

With the WW products to hand (which mostly came from a pound-land near me) I was able to eat today so far:-

Breakfast - One bowl of cereal + milk (4p)

2.5hrs later - one ww petite plain with one slice of ham, butter and gem lettuce (5p)

lunch - one ww petite plain with one slice of ham, butter and gem lettuce (5p)
(point for 2 slices of ham was split between both rolls)

Just had - ww original bagel with 1point of ham, butter and gem lettuce (6)

So far that's only 20 points leaving me 9 for dinner which is easily doable

Dinner - a 2 point portion of turkey cooked, 70g of whole-wheat pasta (7p according to packet), passata and free veg and maybe some 1cal cooking spray (totalling 9p)

I do find this method of eating little and often really helps to keep me going throughout the day. I mean there are days where I basically have to say to myself 'if you don't eat you might get a migraine' as I just can't be bothered to make anything, but other days I want to eat all my points at once and this is where I find the little and often method helps.

I don't often have this much bread but today I really felt I needed it to keep me going.

If you know your points its easy to get by. I mean I often have bacon rashers which are 2 points for 2 and 1/4 of a can of beans and some mushrooms which comes too 4points, or for an extra 2 points I can add 1/4 more beans or one of the sausages I always buy and its only 6p for a good (little but often) meal
Forgot to add, I went on the course this week and was so drained when I got back, I still need to get back into my daily routine.

Not been keeping up with my exercise much (till today) and really peed off about this (I know its not as bad as going over my points allowance by a huge amount, but still I do seem to lose more when I exercise more) I know I can do so much better and feel I have only myself to blame for being so lazy

Ah well my new android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy SII) is hopefully arriving tomorrow/Wednesday and I'm gona be playing with that for a few hours which will cheer me up (it was needed as my phone is dying and often cuts out on me or hangs up a call on me)

Thats it for now, missed my meeting last week and still hoping for any number under 10stone (9stone 13 will do) but even half a lbs lost is a step in the right direction, and with my lack of exercise this week I won't be to hard on myself for not reaching my first mini goal of getting under 10 stone....
Thanks that's kind of what my hubby said, do some in the morning (if time allows) some in the afternoon and some more exercise in the evening, it will soon mounts up

My hubby has got over 20.8km on the cycling on the Wii Fit+ and is top on the scoreboard. I tried to beat that score today, boy am I tired. I think little and often is defiantly the way forward.

Plus not worrying about what other people have done is a good thing too. I mean if I do 2hrs and he only does 30mins or visa visa its better then nothing, and so long as I have done my full 30mins on the free cycling its not the end of the world that I'm not top on the scoreboard, though it would be nice (I can just picture the look on his face if I told him I beat his score, priceless)

Anyway got to remember we are each doing this for ourselves, no-one, else so what ever works best for us may not work for others, plus we aren't on the biggest loser as I may have said before. Its one day at a time and trying to do something different that is manageable for the rest of our lives..
Finally got minimums on my mobile to work lol

Anywho this week I lost 2lbs and now I weigh 10stone exactly, and although I wanted to be under 10 stone I know I should be happy with how far I have come. I mean todate I have lost 38.5lbs (I'll update my weight tracker when I'm next online) . Even when I become a gold member I know I'm gonna have a long way still to go as I used to be 8 stone 7lbs and was happy around that weight.

I feel like I have been on this journey for ever, but even when I get to my desired weight this journey will still not be over. Besides my hubby still has a long way to go and he was and is here for me so it's only fair I do the same for him. One day he might be a diabetic that not only isn't on the brink of having to take insulin but might be able to stop taking medication altogether, now that will be a great day for all concerned.

Getting back into my exercise, though I'm not to sure about these new con shaped riders my hubby got for the Wii board. The first time I tried using them I felt like I was gonna fall when I first stepped off the board lol. Certainly can't go for my usual hour using them it's way to tireing.

Anyway the week where I did the most exercise I did lose 3lbs maybe if I keep up the good work I could replicate those losses. We shall see but here's to a good week to everyone else out there who is also trying to lose weight themselves. Good luck


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S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
Here to follow x
Thanks girls..

Wish I could post more often but I don't always get the time.

Today I was trying to work out my points as I wanted to see if I could spread them over four meals. Thing is I realised there were a few jobs I had to get done round the flat, next thing I new it was past 1:30 and I had only had breakfast. Time flies when you're having fun lol....

Anyway I did the fish tank, the washing, the bedroom and the livingroom,maybe I can count that towards my exercise I've done today. In case you didn't know house work isn't my farta, until Friday I did just enough to get by (story of my life) but things are gonna change from now on( I hope)

Thing is I hope my hubby really appreciates all the work I have done and how much I've changed for what I believe to be the better . I love him dearly and sometimes after a 12hr shift he can come home and still find the energy to clean the flat but then when I make the efffort to do it I don't want it messed up at all. He leaves his shirt on the bed and his work shoes almost in the middle of the livingroom floor and can't see why that might upset me so much. Yeah I known get over it, but thats the thing sometimes I can't no matter how hard I try. It makes me think like why did I bother to make that bed or tidy away all the shoes.

Wish I could change and in a way I think I'm certainly better then I used to be. I don't want to be an entirely different person just a better more understanding one, maybe through my weight loss journey I can somehow achieve that as well? Trouble is as much as others might want me to change as well, I don't think there ever going to treat me any differently which is such as shame. Ah well here's to another day, wonder what obstacles will be in my way tomorrow hey...


Loves Minimins!
S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
Bless u hun! Sounds tough! I would go mad - how long does it take to hang shirt up and put shoes away?! No excuses lol! Think I may never live with a bloke haha! He would probs kill me! Hope ur well xx
Well I used to be the lazy unclean one but I never left stuff just lying there on the floor, I'd hang things over a chair or place them on a table. He does clean or should I say will do when I don't but he was never tidy. I mean I'd come home after shopping and see a clean livingroom ask where something was, and the usual answer was something along the lines of, it just got put away not sure where, or, next time you do the house work and you will know where your things are... Ahhhh!!

Quick question sort of rhetorical, do you think watching cooking and other food related shows with my hubby around is cruel? He says it's not fair as it makes him hungry even when he has just eaten. He especially thinks it's wrong of me to watch cake type shows and watch them when he might have no points left for the day...

Unless it's anything to do with cookies it doesn't affect me in the same way. Maybe my head is in a different place to his when it comes to this weight loss, I really don't know......

Ah well got some more laundry to hang so must be off. Till next time folks :)


Loves Minimins!
S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
Well I would say just think how u would feel if he made u watch somet that would tempt u..

Hope u are well ;) x
(Wrote a post on my phone but deleted it before I could finish it :( )

Lol yeah I do moan like hell when he puts some of his rubbish on the box sometimes. Kinda guessed what people were gona post, but we have sky+ although its a communal dish, so we can only record one channel at a time or we can watch something we have already recorded while something else is recording which doesn't help, especially as some of the cooking programs I like to watch, are only on at night after he gets home from work..

Anyway, more exercise for me today I think, well once my headache goes. I did 1hr 51minutes on the Wii yesterday and according to Wii fit+ I burnt 367 calories (or something like that). Not as many as I would have liked but its ok. Just wish I didn't feel so bad at the moment, I hate being a woman and having totm, at least when it is my totm I usually do not gain weight like some which is a consolation.

My mum met up with my sister on the weekend (she lives in Nottingham and went to London for the day so my mum took a train to London to meet her) I just got told my sister is doing weight watchers and lost 4.5lbs in her first two weeks which is great news.

Supposed to be going round my mums tomorrow to sell weight watchers to her, she does want to lose the weight and says she is going to give it a go, and what with my sister doing WW to and having lost 4.5lbs that should help persuade my mum to give it a try..

When she puts her mind to it she can usual achieve most things she sets out to do, so I have no trouble in believing that WW will work for her, once she gets into the right frame of mind, though my dad could be the only thing hindering her weight loss. He often comes in with a cake and offers it to everyone saying 'it would be rude of me not to offer' personally I think it is ruder offering when you know the person you offered it to is trying to lose weight, but he doesn't see it like that and never will, and if you tell him so he says 'aw poor baby' or some other patronising thing which really winds me up.

Don't you hate people who are either jealous of how far you have come, don't care that you are trying to lose weight, or simply wonder how long your gona keep it up for (as if your going to fail at some point)?

I have never really tried to lose the weight before so its not like I tried and then gained it all back and might do that again. I have lost close too 40lbs and am going to succeed no matter what, this is for life and I can guarantee that and fell like saying something rude as in, stick it where the sun don't shine dad (the f and and another work spring to mind here).

My mum tried Lighter Life (I think) or something like that before, but it wasn't something she could easily maintain from what I can tell (especially with my dad around) but I know if she tries something like WW it will fit into her life more easily and be something she can maintain and keep the weight off with.

So even though she is one of those that tried losing the weight before, I think its a matter of doing the diet (weight loss plan) that best suites your lifestyle, is easiest to maintain, and it helps if your in the right frame of mind, know that your doing it for you and no-one else, and that there are no distractions around you i.e. unhelpful jealous friends or family, and or kids as I know they are always vying for attention and can be a major souse of distraction....

The only obstacles she has is my dad, as I know (even though she doesn't speak to my sister that often) my sister and I will be on her side helping support her (i.e. not tempting her with cakes) and so will by hubby who can vouch for how good WW has been in helping him lose the weight.

You know what still pees me off the most? My dad still has those vouchers for WW and hasn't gone yet (hopefully my mum can get some vouchers from the doctors as I know she would use them even if it was just to go till the vouchers ran out) I know my dad is supposed to be going once he has his cataracts operation, but I can't see it and personally I don't think he would like the meetings much as I find there too geared towards women and he would just sit there acting like he new it all (if you did why are you diabetic/border line diabetic and don't really give a dam hey?)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! (sorry needed to get that out my system.) On a three day course and he had McDonald at least 6 times (cause he had Mcydees for breakfast every day and for lunch at least twice as I recall and had some McDonald's sundaes as well. And he keeps saying the men on his side of the family die young, if they ate like him all the time its no surprise..

My hubbies mum died through having diabetic, and gangrene and a leg amputated and complications due to that and its not a joke. The way he is going he is gona be on insulin while my hubby (fingers crossed) could end up having his pills cut to almost nothing and maybe be diet controlled) Ah well he has been told, if he doesn't want to listen then its his problem I certainly won't be forcing the issue only to be told told I'm the nag, he's 60 odd and I don't live at home anymore. My hubbies and my weight loss are my main concern. If he wants to do weight watchers or any other sensible means of weight loss then I'm there for him, until then he is on his own as far as weight is concerned.

As far as going to my mums tomorrow, got my WW calculator to give her (don't need it anymore now that I have an app on my new smartphone :) ) also gona give her a link to the online calculator I often use, but if she is signing up too WW online (not sure I can see her going to meetings after the last one she went to which ended up being like an old ladies coffee morning unless she gets the free vouchers) she should have a points calculator on the WW online site..

I really hope it works for her as she does seem determined to make it work and cause when she was a little thinner I noticed she was a bit happier (not that she is a miserable person or anything but you get what I mean right?)

As I said before when she tries something she normally gives 100% so fingers crossed.

Her's to a thinner happier family albiet without my dad joining in for now...

(sorry again for the long post and the going on about certain people, it helps when you get it off your chest)
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Loves Minimins!
S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
Hope u manage to motivate ur mum! That's a shame about it dad :( hope he realise before its too late!

Well done for 40 lb loss so far ;) x
Thanks well got 1.5lbs to go then I hit the big 4 0 lost.

Off to see my mum in about an hour and a half...

Just got to remember to take everything with me like the WW calculator and the shopping guide that I'm giving her (we really don't use the book enough what with eating mostly the same things all the time lol)

Anyway got WW tonight and my fingers are still crossed..
So went to my weight watchers meeting yesterday and woohoo to us..

I lost 1lbs so only got 11lbs to go before I am officially a gold member, and my hubby lost 5lbs yesterday which is fantastic. He was over the moon. I just want to be a gold member so badly but he has so much further to come then me and so I think 5lbs is great.

I know WW say 1-2lbs a week is good and a healthy amount to lose each week, but if my hubby lost 1lbs a week for a year I think he would still be over 7lbs away from gold/goal and I wonder if he would stick it out till then. At least with a few bigger losses its motivating him in such a big way to carry on and makes him feel like his target weight is not as far away and won't take so long to get too....

At the moment I just can't believe what he is saying, things like 'I'm gona do this' or 'got to keep up the exercise and watch what I'm eating need to do at least 1hr on the Wii tonight.' He is really getting into it and actually looks like he is enjoying it (as I said things like losing 5lbs sure help with that)

Thats not to say I'm not proud of how far I have come, and wouldn't appreciate a little more of the 'I'm so proud of you' from my hubbie, but hey he's a man, us women are great at showing emotions and complimenting each other, I think it comes more naturally to us. So long as I am happy with how far I have come that's all that matters at the end of the day plus now I can see the difference and know how much healthier I am that really helps too.

I'm doing it for me and no-one else (well also doing it to help motivate him as I think doing it as a team is a lot easier for him), but even my hubby could not make me go to a meeting if I really did not want to go.

I defiantly have my head in the right place at the moment and can't wait to be a gold member. Move over you jealous people, and those who want to tempt me to the dark side lol..

One day my hubby will be joining me as a gold member, maybe not next week or even next month, but he will get there soon enough.

Together we can do this and WILL do this. Team Bergin all the way :)
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Well it was a disaster, ok maybe not that bad. I tried making some bread this week and it was edible but the crust was just a little to hard for my liking. Was thinking of trying to make it again but then I realised it wasn't a good thing after I had added up all the little bits I had eaten I rounded it up to 6points for the bread consumed. Think how many points it could have been if I had made it just right (I dread to think)

One good thing to come out of all this was the apron. I do cook stuff (don't do much baking) but I don't often use the apron, unless I'm doing something messy that might involve say flour, (as you would when making bread) anyway last time I put it on, as usual I tied it up at the back and away I went.

This time I was easily able to tie the apron up at the front and I was so chuffed. Even told my hubby, who after a bit of coaxing said well done.

See its the small things in life that can make you happy. You may not see that belly disappear after 1 month or those thighs shrink straight away, but you will get there (I KNOW) I'm a lot thinner then I used to be but I still have a bit of a belly (ok bit more then just a bit) but as I said its the small things, like putting that apron on and knowing I can tie it up at the front, and like being able to wear some t-shirts of mine that for what ever reason stopped fitting me (the main one being I gained a little to much weight but some did shrink in the wash when I accidently tumble-dried them lol) these are the things that make us happy and spur you on.

Actually even though I hate the fact that I will have to buy some new clothes this month as all bar one pair of trousers are now way to big for me (we don't have much money and I'm not good at clothes shopping), knowing that some of my clothes don't fit anymore is also a great feeling.

For once in my god dam life I actually did something I put my mind too and I am really proud of myself.

I didn't do it because a 'so called friend' said my hubby and I needed to lose weight, or cause my dad said I was fat (he never says things polity he says it how he sees it) I did it because I wanted to and I new I needed too, and I'm just so happy :)

Happy for the first time in a long time. I have never been the happiest person out there (know I never fully will be), but it wasn't cause I was fat like some might think, the only problem I had with my weight was me being a stupid moo for letting myself get that size, when I should have known better. I was unhappy for many other reasons, some I can/could change (as there to do with me and the way I treat others and how I act in certain situations etc) other things I can not do anything about and now I am starting to realise that I am becoming a happier me.

Anyway enough of the rambling, and hopefully once I have taken my cat back to the vets (who I suspect has cystitis again) and got that all sorted (good luck my Izzy) I am off to Tesco to hopefully buy a pair of trousers that finally fits me without me having to wear a belt so tight to keep them up that my sides really start to hurt after a while.

Good luck to everyone else out there who is reading this as well. Hope you have your moment of wow too as IMO it will really help to spur YOU on too....
Didn't find any trousers that I liked one bit so went food shopping instead, and got there at the right time it seems...

There were a few veg on offer, and when I went round and did a bit of shopping and got a few items that I wanted, I noticed a guy there pricing up some more fruit and veg.

Got a papaya for 22pence and some celery for 10pence (chopping that up for freezing :) )

After I had looked through the fruit and veg for a mo, some lady came over with loads of other food ready to mark down and take off to the reduced meet section.

I got quite a few pizza's from her for under 60p each (with the amount of points my hubby is on per day, he can still eat one of those and have loads to eat the rest of the day) also got two slightly healthier pizzas for me for less the 40p, and a ready meal (not usually to keen on them) for 45pence which was a steel (defiantly could not have made it from scratch for that price, gona have to save 17points for for my half of that..

Oh yeah and my hubby got some salmon pieces for me for 80pence which I can't wait to have tomorrow.

Even though I didn't get the trousers I wanted, it seems it was worth going out after all. Got enough food for well over a week and a half and spent less the £40 doing so :)

Well you know there may be a few essentials we need to go to the shops for but all in all I'm quite happy especially as I have already pointed everything before putting it in the fridge or freezer with my nice semi permanent black pen :)

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