Zero point tomato soup?

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  1. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    Hi all. I am sure you get asked for this all the time but does anyone have a good recipe for tomato soup? I am finding it really hard on 19 points and think it might be good to make up some soup. I struggle with veggies (I know!) so a soup could be a good idea for me and I do like tomato soup so this might be worth a go?

    Thanks a lot.
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  3. Patchninja

    Patchninja Full Member

    Take 6 to 8 toms and quarter them. Throw them in a pot with 2 onions, quartered, 2 cloves garlic if you like garlic and a pint of stock or more, depending on how much bulk of toms you have. Let it cook until the onions are nice and soft. Whizz it up and put it through a sieve to get rid of the pips. Yum.
  4. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    Thanks so much for that. I really appreciate it. In terms of the stock do you just use vegetable oxo? That is what I normally use. I think they are free aren't they?
  5. Patchninja

    Patchninja Full Member

    Don't live in England so i don't use Oxo. Perhaps someone else can help. I use the little pots of stock as advertised by Marco P-W (are we allowed to advertise? LOL)

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