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Zero sugar tolerance?


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Hi all,

I decided to splurge this evening and ate what was left of our last batch of homemade mint choc chip from the freezer. It meant I went way over my syns for the day after being very good for weeks, but I felt really sick from all the sugar and... well, how can I put this... Ahem.... It came back up about 20 mins later! I know it is disgusting and I shouldn't really share the news but as we had a long thread about poo the other day...!!

Anywho, I don't think my body can tolerate lots of sugar anymore after all the weeks of healthy living (I know the ice cream itself was okay). The bonus is that it will put me off trying to eat something really packed with sugar again, so it's all good methinks. :D

Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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Yh, I know what you mean. I do find that since dieting, whenever I do go stray and eat something really sweet like I used too.....I feel sicky really early, and it tastes soooo much sweeter than it used to and I can never finish it. When before I would of quite easily eat double/maybe triple and been fine.



I felt this way after chips, batter, salt and vinegar felt so sick after and they weren't even that good, never again :sigh:

Was even worse going to the loo the next day...sorry :eek::eek:


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My bodys the same, and my bessie who's trying to be as good as poss now also is fidning it aswell. We have a post Wi treat every wed eve where we splurge and have whatever we want, but were noticing more and more now that we just feel rough after, sick and ill and its not nice, and i think its because our bodys arnt use to being overloaded with crap anymore..


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i hada handful of chocolate covered toffees yesterday and felt quite ill after as they seemed to taste all sickly and syrupy/sugary. I think my taste buds are definitely changing.


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I'm the same with oil. I had stuck to plan religiously for 3 months, then went out and ate a salad which was covered in oily dressing. 1 hour later it came straight back up!