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Zest mag

Yes - I'm a subscriber. But I've sent a letter to the editor complaining that two of the Face of Fitness 2007 finalists were underweight on BMI and another two were 18.6 so definitely borderline and within a pound of being underweight.
I love Zest usually but not pleased with them promoting underweight women as Zest covergirls!
The majority of covergirls are underweight.

Exceptions to the rule are made occasionally for high profile 'celebs' such as Claire Sweeney or Myleen Klass or that woman from Coronation Street all of whom have managed to

'get that bikini body having PILED on the weight" (am I the only one who hates that term - piled on the weight? :eek:).

The photos usually come with an interview in which the 'ex-chubby' tells us all how much she hated being out of shape and how she managed to change it radically just by eating 'normally and healthily'. We are then treated to details of Claire or Myleen or 'yer woman's' before daily diet and the subsequent 'healthy eating regime' that made all the difference.


I don't think that the fashion industry will ever allow 'normal' size models - you only have to watch an episode of Britain's Next Top Model to know that.

Zest may come under the unbrella of a 'health magazine' like Top Sante and the others but it is still a fashion/beauty mag and who wants to see corned beef legs and cellulite?!
Maybe so - but the one who won it was not underweight - and no corned beef legs in sight.

Zest makes comments about people who are underweight by BMI - advising them what weight they should be to be healthy. Therefore, I felt it was hypocritical of them to accept underweight women in the competition.

I think it is dangerous to blindly accept that anyone who is not underweigth will look horrid on our magazines. There were 9 finalists - 2 were underweight and 2 were borderline - the other 5 were in a healthy range and all looked great. As I say the winner had a healthy BMI.

Does she look fat? I certainly don't think so.
You're Sandra but that is competition is exceptional - wonderful but exceptional.

The very fact that we are discussing it like this is to my mind evidence of that.

I don't think that underweight people in general look good but there are those who do. I thought that Geri Halliwell looked great during her 'yoga phase' and while I dislike the 'perfect orbs' that sit on Victoria Beckham's chest I think she looks great - and I far prefer Sophie Dahl now that she has slimmed down. Nicole richie and Terri Hatcher have overdone it but Ricki Lake and Tyra Banks look wonderful.

People try to applaud the 'bigger girl' but this is always done in a condescending manner with references to "soft curves" and "generous bottoms" - Chaps! this is code for FAT!!!

I think Catherine Zeta Jones can look very 'lumpy' at times as does Charlotte Church (even before the pregnancy). And why is Coleen Nolan so intent on promoting weight loss one day (she did LL as far as I recall) and then the next having gained weight again leading a magazine article on the trials of the 'larger bride'?!

Maybe I have been 'conditioned' by society but I for one am happy to say that I think women look better slim - if I didn't I wouldn't be struggling through a 500 calorie a day diet and losing my hair in the process :eek:.

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