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Zoe - starting weight loss journey - Hello All!

Hello you lovely people! I started SW on monday evening (28/6). I went to weight watchers for four months last year and lost 2 stone, but when I stopped (because I had to go into hospital) I piled all the weight back on:cry:.

Couldn't face the stringent regime at WW again so I joined SW on the recommendation of a friend. I can't believe how easy the plan is! I've got 3 and a bit stone to lose so really hope SW works.

The class is full of really lovely women and the leader is fab.

I've made a big pot of quorn chilli which is lush and I'm eating loads of fruit. Been hitting the muller lights a bit hard tho - 3 yesterday and 2 today. Can't be good surely :confused:?

I WI on monday and the scales will tell the awful truth...

I'm not very tech minded so can't work out how to put in an avatar or a ticker... Any help gratefully received!

All the best

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Congrats on getting started with Sw, its a fab plan and im sure youl be fine come WI!

mullers are free yes, and at this early stage of your journey wont affect you but over use of them may slow your losses in future so somthing to keep an eye on, i'd say 2 a day limit, i tend to have one with breaky, or should i have a warm breaky have it as a snack later.

update us on your wi results! any Q's were all happy to help xxx
Hi Fern, many thanks for your reply! Yeah, I thought I was overdoing the muller lights a bit!

Your stats are really impressive...Good on you!

Do you know how to update your stats re weight loss etc on here?

Sorry, I'm a bit of a dullard :p!

Aaaaw thankyou - you're too kind!

Plus you're an inspiration with stats like that!

Hope I do even a bit as good as you have...

Help with Avatars?

Hi all, worked out how to add my ticker...But still can't work out how to add an avatar. Thick I know :8855:! I go into 'edit avatar' where it says 'no avatar selected' and has a click circle which says 'do not post avatar'. I can't unclick this however much I try...

Any ideas folks? Sorry to be a pain!

Im sure thres a white link box and next it says 'browse' where you can browse your comps pickys and upload one?! thats how it was when i did it xx
Hi you can't do an avatar until you reach a certain number of posts, if you look in the newbie section theres a post which explains it all =)

good luck with slimming world hope you enjoy it
Thanks Fern and Scalesleslie! I can stop fiddling about now. Been reading lots of posts and am loving this site... Just hope SW works for me!

Lord, my official WI is monday but I just weighed myself at home... I haven't lost a pound - if anything I've gained. I know I shouldn't be 'sneaky peeking' but couldn't resist it. Now I'm well and truly gutted. Please lord let me have lost a pound - a single solitary pound - by monday. I think it's gonna be a day of superfree foods tomorrow! SW has certainly made me eat much more healthily but maybe I've been eating too much (muller lights for example!). Pray for me!
By the way, I've added Homer as my avatar instead of a mugshot as I bear a striking resemblance to him (minus the bald head)!

I've decided 'that's enough'! No more sneaky peeking on my bathroom scales - the result has left me down in the mouth which is stupid really, as compared to the SW scales last week they were weighing me 6lbs heavier! I did take this into account with my sneaky peek mind you, but with scales so unreliable the result could be anything at all...

It's only tomorrow's WI result that counts....Roll on!

Man troubles...

In a separate post I have told of my 'man troubles'... I've been single for years and used to be slim prior to this but years of psych meds (and not giving a damn) has led me to pack on the pounds. Now I've met this great guy, who is handsome, funny and clever. He seems really into me but I catch myself wondering why. My self esteem is low and that has a lot to do with the fact that I am way heavier than I've ever been my whole life.

I'm 12st 11lbs and only 5ft 2. I used to be 8st. I really like my new beau but feel very nervous at the thought of him and I err...'getting jiggy with it'. I hate the way my body looks and I feel so unsexy.

Somehow I have to get it into my head that he likes me for who I am - weight and all. Otherwise I will sabotage this relationship for sure. I need a PMA - positive mental attitude!

I've gone out with partners who were overweight (one of them seriously) and I never thought anything negative about them. It's just who they were. No doubt he feels the same. Only time will tell, but I can't let my weight hold me back. I say 'NO!';););)

Well folks I had my first WI last night and I lost a pound. So glad I didn't put on even though it was a less than overwhelming result :). I think I've learned a lot from my first week and reading the posts on here...

My downfall has been not exercising enough moderation where the free foods are concerned. I've been snacking away even though not hungry :eatdrink051::eatdrink051:. That's got to stop. You live and learn though huh?

Re my brand new boyf, we're going out for a meal tonight - yikes - bit scared of eating out! It's to a lovely Italian restaurant so I'm gonna have pasta arrabiata which will be mostly syn free, except for the olive oil they cook it in. Should be delish - I love spicy food - yum!

I've invited boyf to my flat for the first time to have a meal this week. Gonna make a potato and spinach SW friendly curry. Really gonna have to scrub and tidy the flat now. I live on my own so tend to leave things go to pot a bit.

Once we've eaten I'm gonna pounce on him :crazy:! You see it's so new that we've not even had a proper snog yet...I feel the time is right....Hurrah sir!

Thanks if anyone is reading my ramblings,

toodle pip,

hey Zoe, I only lost half a pound on my first weigh in, think its cause ive been over- doing the muller lights :( had about 5 one day in my first week.. been much better this week wi on thursday fingers crossed :) xxx
Good luck Storey, yeah, the muller lights are my downfall too :break_diet:! Well done on having a good week tho. Good luck for your WI on thursday and keep me updated on how you do,

Hi all, well it's the second week of my weight loss journey and I'm not doing particularly well. Got a new boyfriend and it's eating out all the way! Trying to eat healthier options but it's way more fattening than cooking yourself. He's coming to my place tomorrow and I'm making a curry - recipe in the '100 green recipes book'. Gonna make it today as home made curry always tastes better reheated a day later...

I just love the SW plan even though I only lost a pound at my first weigh in. So much easier than WW! It really is a diet for life.

Hope to lose at least another pound at my next WI. Slow and steady wins the race innit.

Hope you all have a good day,

yeah thats what I think too... Ive been this weight for years and been on loads of crash diets lost weight then put it all back on again... i find sw so easy to stick to ... im never hungry and I know that if im good all week and dont use my syns i can have a blow out at weekend.... i tend to save all my syns for beer and wine lol! Really enjoying going to the classes and meeting new people too... been really good this week done more exercise and hoping for a decent loss at wi tonight! always so nervous!!! xxx
Good luck for tonight Lou, I bet you'll do really well! I know what you mean about SW. It's fab!

Re the slow weight loss, I just think I didn't put all this weight on overnight so I'm not going to lose it overnight either...

Let me know how you get on, and GOOD LUCK!


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