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Zoe - starting weight loss journey - Hello All!

Well, I made a sw curry to have tonight with my new boyf... tasted it and it's no great shakes to be honest. Now I'm stressed! Gotta scrub the flat too, before he comes. And I just want to be lazy!

This week hasn't been great diet wise, but I'm hoping for a loss - even if it's only a pound - on monday.

Gotta be good till then...

yay Lou - that's fabulous! Way to go girl! Bet it feels good eh?

Keep up the good work...

Well the SW curry went down a storm with boyf. Got lots of leftovers tho as I usually make enough to feed an army. So I know what i'll be eating the next few days lol!

Honestly tho, what are men like? Boyf brought me a red rose and chocolates. Yes, CHOCOLATES! He knows I'm doing sw too. I really don't look like I need choccie. Twas very sweet of him tho... I haven't had one (yet!).

When boyf left I felt a bit emotional, and true to form went on an eating binge. Left the chocolates where they were though and binged on healthy stuff. It may have been healthy but that is so not good.

Gonna have to try not to stuff my emotions down with food in the future, tho that's easier said than done.

Well a happy saturday if anyone is reading this,


Well, I had my second WI and I lost 4lbs and was made slimmer of the week! Whoop whoop! I put it down to the fact that I pulled back on the yoghurt eating and cut out bread. Was eating bread every day, but now I've not had it, I don't miss it at all.

I'm trying to watch my consumption of bananas and grapes too as they're very high in sugar...

Don't know if I'll have lost anything by monday - I've had a very naughty sneaky peek on my bathroom scales and they say I haven't (taking into account the difference between them and the SW scales). So we'll see...

God I've been craving the rubbish! Just fantasising about going to the corner shop and buying many choccie bars,:17729: crisps and scampi fries (love them - gonna have to find their syns). I haven't caved into temptation though. I am really motivated to stay on track with SW as this is only my third week. I haven't touched the chocolates left by my new boyf either. Self discipline eh?!

Just been food shopping and was tempted to buy in some activia intensely creamy yogurt at 2.5 syns a pot. Really looking forward to them - they sound delicious going by what someone on another thread said.

Meeting boyf tomorrow for yet another meal out...it's a hard job but someone's gotta do it lol!

Have a good weekend all,

I really think that on the sw plan you have to make sure you eat enough. This week I haven't eaten as much as last week and my progress on the scales is less than impressive compared to last week. I think eating too little can slow your losses down. It's a balancing act though - what's too little and what's too much? I guess you shouldn't let yourself go hungry, just eat till your satisfied... The thing is though, I'm rarely satisfied lol:D:D:D!

Anyway onwards and inwards,
Have a great weekend,

Well, I had my third WI today. Lost a pound. At least it's a loss and not a gain. I knew it would be pretty bad as yesterday I ate for Wales :sigh:. My relationship with food stinks tbh. I eat cos I'm bored, because I'm stressed, because...because...(ad infinitum). I've gotta learn to eat only because I'm hungry. Easier said than done. At least now though I'm eating healthier, if I binge now, I binge on the healthy stuff...

I've gotta be good now in the hope of a decent weight loss next monday. Gonna make up a big pot of carrot and coriander soup tomorrow, which should help.

Wish me luck!


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