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This is probably going to sound stupid but what does everyone wear to Zumba?

I was planning on starting a new class thats just started up tonight and realised this morning that my jogging bottoms (both pairs) fall to the ground when i put them up. While this is a good thing it leaves me in a bit of a dilema as i don't live near clothes shops. Should i go in jeans? or order something on line and wait till next week to start?

What do people wear at your class?
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Do you have shorts or something else you could go in as Denim would be quite restrictive to some of the moves you do. Although I dont see them telling you not to do it in Jeans but I think that it would be difficult.

I've been going to zumba for half a year now and I go in trainers and trackie bottoms and a t-shirt.
Thanks. I found a pair of leggings when home at lunch time. I'll wear them with a long t-shirt and trainers wish me luck :)
Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine! :)

We had a taster session at my work on Friday for Children in Need, was amusing but I tell you hard work and then having to go back and sit at your desk for the rest of the day frementing was not nice lol!!!

Mind and shake it like you've never shaken before! :D


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Ohh Kas, when are you doing your zumba class? Im thinking of going to one as well, mine is on Tuesday evening. My brain keeps giving me every excuse in the book not to go, but i think it would be good for me.

I went to a body balance class yesterday, up until 10 minutes before it started i was thinking up excuses not to go. But i did it! Body balance is a mix of yoga, thai chi and pilates movements, not that I did any of them very well. There seemed to be quite a bit of balancing on one foot involved whilst holding the other leg, I was convinced i would go flat on my face. Will i go again? the jury is still out on that, and my brain is busy making up excuses not to. The next one is Thursday.

Good luck with the zumba! let me know how it went
Arrived home to find hubby had washed my leggings and they were soaking wet :eek: i searched my whole wardrobe and found 3/4 length sporty leggings in a size 20 from approx 1994 so wore these with a big old t-shirt and trainers.

There was a right mixture of people, all ages and sizes, not tonnes of really slim lycra clad folk as i feared lol

It was great. There were 2 hour long classes running one after the other. I did the first one and sweat dripping and feeling good decided it was a good idea to do the second one too. Loved it but shattered now :D

Had a lovely soak in the tub after but can definately feel arms and legs tonight :)

Recommend Zumba to everyone, great fun :D
Glad you enjoyed it! I told you that you would be fine :)

I was nervouse the first time I went cause I was meant to be going with a girl from work but she backed out three minutes before the class! :O so I was left to go in on my own, but once i was in there and focussed on myself nothing mattered.

There is a mix of sizes which I like, it's nice to see other sizes as opposed to the uber thin lycra fiend lol!
Loved it, but paying for it now. Can feel muscles in arms and legs and even my tummy and bum :)

Roll on next Monday :D
I LOVE zumba ! They only have it once a week at my gym though on a Friday night, I need a fix mid week !!

I usually wear just jogging bottoms/leggings, baggy t-shirt and flats (I dont wear trainers!) I probably should, I just hate the way they feel on my feet. Lol.

Good luck for next week fellow zumba convert!! :)
I have my friday night fix tomorrow, looking forward to it! at the place I go she has a class on every night and one on a saturday afternoon, I just cant afford to go to them all lol! We get glow sticks and disco lights for the Friday night one though! cant beat it :D


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i wear shorts and a vest top, or cropped loose combat pants. i cant wear long pants, they irritiate me so much

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