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I would love to get back to what I used to do which was 60 lengths in the pool every day, yoga, pilates or body balance at least twice a week and walking every where. I cant keep up now Im too big :(
gotta love zumba!
One of our Heads of House was singing the praises of zumba classes last week. She reckons that it's really inclusive for age and size and nobody notices if you sit out the fast ones, or stuff it all up.

I'm seriously considering giving it a go. (I *know*...!) I love to go out dancing, and the learning element will motivate me (can't be doing with exercise where you have to switch off your brain). Maybe will see if there are any classes nearby that I can fit into my work/stress schedule...
Shame you're not closer! We could have gone together! X
ok - well the briefest of googles tells me that there's a class from 8-9pm every wednesday, about 10 mins walk from my house (is it bad that i just thought i might drive??? yes spangles, that's very bad :eek:). It's a fiver in. Does that seem like a fair price, anyone?


Feeling Motivated
A fiver seems fair for a class spangles, its a good hour of cardio and sooo much fun as well
cool - well, i'll give it a fortnight because i do have a couple of open evenings at work coming up - and then i'll try a class. And hopefully my knees will survive the ordeal.

Oh god. I'm going to need a sports bra, aren't I?
Oh yes. It's a must!!!!!!

Its essential. And I struggled with the faster steps. And the bouncing. X
I might need to wait a bit then. They do make one sports bra in a K cup, but reading bravissimo, it has terrible reviews about just about every aspect of it, including the fact that it isn't very supportive. Will have to wait til i'm down to and, and there are more styles available.
Wear the most supportive normal bra you have and look else where. I have a shockabsorber from bravissimo and it's crap. Am a 42hh. I read the reviews bought the right size and it's so gaping underneath that there's no point!! But it holds them up and together so I figure it'll do coz I'm not spending any more til I'm brave enough to go to bravissimo and have a fitting done.
Simplybe or somewhere might have something? X
Simplybe or somewhere might have something? X
i think i've looked quite thoroughly. a few sites do the Royce one, but i can't see any others.

i'm sure i'll manage with the bouncing. Maybe two bras together...:D
The joys of boobage!

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