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i think there are different opinions on the whole exercise thing. my cdc has told me not to do ANY exercise until stage 4 or something! i know there are people on here who have been exercising from the beginning and they have been fine. i guess the key is to pace yourself and dont do too much in one go. you have to make sure that you drink alot more water too if you are going to exercise so that you dont get dehydrated.

i think someone will come along and be able to give you a more informed opinion xx


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I just bought Zumba for the Wii and i just do as much i as i think i can do. I think getting my heart racing a bit is good for me even tho i am on such low cals! Let me know how you get on :) xxx


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I think the guidance is if you used to do it before then it's OK to carry on with if you start CD, however don't begin any strenuous exercise plan if your body has not been used to it previously.

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Resident exercise fanatic here :). If you do exercise then carry on doing it at a lower intensity. If you want to start then take it easy. I would say give your body at least a week to get over the shock of the change of fuel. 810 gives you more freedom but you still need to be careful. Always lists to your body first and foremost!

On ss+ or 810 I tend to run about 3 miles 3 times a week and teach 2 Zumba classes as well as do weights. I am used to going full pelt so I cool it a little! I drink loads.

Do what feels right. (sorry for short answer but iPhones are not the best things to type an answer on :))


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Thank u for ur replys, so because u teach Zumba would it b ok to do just half an hour class, I wasn't very active b4 cd but after losing 6.6stone I really want to tone up and fancy Zumba as I love dancing (mainly when drunk haha) how many cal's does it burn in 30minutes? Thanks x