Hi all,
This was mentioned in a post in 2011 but I can't find any new posts about it. There had a been a lot more info and data released since 2011 and I wondered if anyone has tried it as I am starting it today.
Here's a link to the actual diet: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/magres/research...udyRecipes.pdf You might have to cut and paste.

Here's a link to the Newcastle University website which gives all the info: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre - Newcastle University

Basically you have a meal replacement drink 3 times a day which would be 600 calls, then have 200cals of starchy veg. Do this for 8 weeks and about 80% of Type 2 diabetics no longer have symptoms and blood sugars normalise. It is basically a VLCD but it seems to achieve great things for type 2's!
Diabetes UK funded the research and have recently funded a further 5 years research to see the long term effects. Obviously it's to do with weight loss but amazing things are happening with it. If you google Newcastle diet, you'll get loads of info.