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    Hi guys, I started out last summer at 23 stone and am currently 17 stone, still got a way to go but I am really worried about excess skin. I already have a lot and know it will only get worse. Has anyone any experience in this? How can u help it ???? :-(

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    The unfortunate answer is that you can't really do a whole lot to avoid it. The amount and condition of skin after weight loss is determined by a couple of factors:
    1. Genetics/Age
    2. How long you were overweight for
    3. How quickly you gained weight
    4. How quickly you lose weight

    The first 3 you can't control. The last you can.

    A few things people say help:
    1. Losing slowly. Rapid weight loss = more chance of excess skin because your skin doesn't adjust and adapt as you go. Aim for no more than 2lb per week.
    2. Hydration - water, water and more water. Not only does it help you not eat as much but keeping your skin healthy will give you the best chance.
    3. Moisturise - Same thinking as the water. Keep your skin in tip top condition, that way it's more likely to adapt if it's not already trying to repair dryness etc...
    4. Exercise - Specifically weight training. Different camps have different opinions.

    There is always going to be a risk of excess skin with big weight loss, but you have to weigh up whats more important to you.

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    Well done on making such a brilliant start!

    Yes, Stackhead is spot on in what she says. Probably the most important thing is to lose slowly. I've lost 10 stone in 2.5 years, and have very little in the way of excess skin - I think this is a lot to do with having lost slowly. Also, I suppose I must have pretty decent skin, which I can't take any credit for, lol, it's genetic. Just take it steady, and give your body time to adapt. But at the end of the day, you'll still be much healthier at a lower weight, regardless of the skin issue, as you'll have got rid of all the internal fat, which is what does the damage. xx

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