4 stone to lose

  1. C

    Coco's diary - Day 1

    Hello! I'm yet another 'New Decade... New Year.... New Month.... New Week.... New Start' but this really needs to stop! I keep finding myself back in the same position each year, with the same resolution of losing weight, loving myself and feeling attractive enough to start searching for a...
  2. vanessal

    2019 4st challenge and blog

    I’m back here after gaining over 2 more st. I’ve just been on holiday and I felt like a right flump, I was quite self conscious the whole time, especially being with thinner friends. We’re going back next January and there is no way I’m going to be the same, I want to be at least 4 st lighter...
  3. A

    Here we go

    Hi all, just started on exante total solution on 1st October. Today is day 5 and I'm looking to loose 4 stones in 4 mouths, I have bought a calendar and marked all the weeks. Week 6 will take me into mid Jan 2018, so hopefully by then these 4 stone will disappear of me. I have also made some...
  4. L

    New to Cambridge!

    Hi everyone So I'm on day 2 of The Cambridge Diet and I'm doing really well so far! The first day was really hard and today has been difficult dealing with hunger pangs at times but I'm still on track and determined. My aim is to lose 4 stone :O as quickly as possible. I was hoping to meet...
  5. C

    Am I being realistic

    I started Exante total solutions yesterday. Mostly I've enjoyed it so far. Anyhoo I'm 5"3' and 14stone 11lb. Really disappointed with myself as I mainly try to eat well and excersise but do to illness I just got slack and I need a jump start. So I'm On this for the next 4 weeks I then go to...
  6. C

    2nd day and already nervous

    Ok so 30 years ol 5'3 and I managed to get to 14stone 11lb. I was horrified so I researched and decided exante total solutions was the best option for me. I have and on off relationship with exercise mainly down to medical reasons and I have a real food addiction. Anyway I intend to lose 4.5...
  7. C

    Weightloss Diary of a New mum

    Hey everyone on Minimins, I've read a couple of threads on here and always thought it was a great idea to keep me motivated on my weight loss journey. I've recently had a baby, he is 12 weeks old tomorrow and I'm trying to lose around four stone. I joined SW 7 weeks ago and so far have lost...