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I’m back here after gaining over 2 more st. I’ve just been on holiday and I felt like a right flump, I was quite self conscious the whole time, especially being with thinner friends.
We’re going back next January and there is no way I’m going to be the same, I want to be at least 4 st lighter.
My weigh in day is a Monday, so I’ll update then.
My greatest problem is drinking wine, I use up all my syns on it.
I really need to get focused and stick with it, after all I’ve done it before.
Good luck to us all.
So today I’ve had cereal and milk HEA HEB
2 satsumas
Dolce gusto cafe con leche 2 syn
Muller light Greek style lemon .5 syn
Tuna salad light mayo and olives 3.5 syn
Veg and new potatoes not very hungry tonight .
Lots of water and tea and coffee
Just over 10,000 steps
Food great except no HeB , but I’ve had loads off fibre from veg and fruit anyway. Only 1 HeA milks for coffee, I was going to use the other tonight for cheese, but didn’t fancy any. Water drank, Syns 11.Dogs walked and steps by the end of today will be over12,000 .
Breakfast = banana and dolce gusto coffee 2 syns
Lunch = pasta, low fat red pesto, ham,salad veg 1.5 syns
Snack = fruit
Dinner = new potatoes, salad veg, ham, spicy mayo, eggs, 2 syns
Radler with cloudy lemon 5.5 syns
Thats a good amount of steps you do.:)
Thank you .I’m a hairdresser, so lots of steps are easy as I’m on my feet all day and I’ve got dogs to walk .
So yesterday was a bit of a fail. I started off well, cereal HeB and HeA , dolce gusto 2syn, snacked on tangerine, second HeA was on milk for tea coffee, had lunch and dinner combined at 3 pm gammon chop, new potatoes, veg, then I had 3 gins and 2 whiskeys and some chocolate , haven’t even worked out the syns. But I’m over this week already. I also did 12,240 steps.
Stuck to plan today. Didn’t do much walking , only 6,000 steps, lazy day.
HeA milk and more milk
HeB wholemeal bread.
Breakfast = toast Philadelphia light
Lunch = lean mince and tatties and lots of speed veg.
Tea = egg on toast
Snack = fruit
Lots of water.
Weigh in day tomorrow, let’s see if the scales have dropped any.
So today I’ve eaten
Cereal HeA and B and second A is light Philadelphia
Breakfast = cereal
Lunch = banana, tangerine
Dinner = cauliflower,broccoli,carrots,mushrooms,peppers,bacon, Philadelphia light, and tea spoon of homemade mojo sauce 1 syn coffee cream choc 2.5 cookie 6.5 = 10 syns total.