Hey everyone on Minimins, I've read a couple of threads on here and always thought it was a great idea to keep me motivated on my weight loss journey.

I've recently had a baby, he is 12 weeks old tomorrow and I'm trying to lose around four stone. I joined SW 7 weeks ago and so far have lost 5.5lb but I really feel I haven't been giving it 100%, I've not been having enough speed foods, I've not been having all my healthy extras (I get 6 as breast feeding!) and I've been having WAAAAY too many syns. I've just come home from group and starting tomorrow I'm going to be writing down everything I've been eating on here and hopefully chatting to some other posters following the SW diet.
Ok so far I've had breakfast:

Strawberries (S) - FREE
Blueberries - FREE
Sandwich thin - HEXB (1)
Pate 50g - 6 syns

Ordered shopping to come later on today so will have another HEXB roll with ham and salad when it does...

So far have been napping and playing with my son who is 12 weeks exactly today!

Hope everyone is having a fab day xxxx
My son had an hour or so where he was tired and fighting sleep but he's had his sleep and is a happy chappy again... I've had snacks, lunch and have got dinner cooking :)

Snacks -
Milky Way - 3.5 sys
Two slices Edam cheese - HEXA (1)

Lunch -
Wholemeal Roll - HEXB (2)
Mozzarella 50g - HEXA (2)
Tomato (S) - FREE
Ham - FREE

was DELICIOUS, going to have this again tomorrow

Dinner -
Chicken curry with rice - FREE
Made using onions, spinach, garlic, chillies and tinned tomatoes so a fair amount of those magic speed foods!!!
also had with lime pickle - 3 sys as two table spoons and fat free natural yoghurt

Syns for today - 12.5
Breakfast: Overnight oats, think I put too many oats in so it's just slightly over my HEXB portion but oh well going to let myself have this one :)
Oh wow I've been really really really bad since Friday night (gin and tonic night) - I'm going to do flexi syns today for the very last day, I've got shopping coming later and tomorrow I'm going to start over so see you all again tomorrow