Curvy lee

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I started Exante total solutions yesterday. Mostly I've enjoyed it so far.

Anyhoo I'm 5"3' and 14stone 11lb. Really disappointed with myself as I mainly try to eat well and excersise but do to illness I just got slack and I need a jump start.

So I'm On this for the next 4 weeks I then go to Las Vegas for a week which I'm worried about.
Anyway I really want to
Lose 2stone in the next 4weeks and then when I get back a for 2-3stone. Is this realistic?
I just had my 6th Exante product and I gagged all the way through.

My first weigh in is this Sunday so hopefully I get some encouragement then.

Good luck all I know I'll need it

I've just restarted today on exante TS. Did it a few years ago and now I need to lose 2.5 stone quick fast - from memory and from reading other posts they say 1 stone a month is a realistic figure - maybe more if you have a lot to lose xx
Everybody is different - stick to it and maybe see what happens x
The first time I started Exante I was a similar weight to you and I lost 1st in 4 weeks - but everyone is different :)
I've lost 8 lb in the first week and i started at 14 stone 7 and 5 foot 5 and i've also had a couple of slip ups in the week
So i think it's possibly right at the high end of what you could lose but i don't think it's impossible
I have started today - I have had 2x shakes and 1x bar. I feel a little tired but very determined and not really hungry. I have 2st 8lb to loose to get to 9st 10lb. I will be happy at 10st but here's hoping.