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  1. B

    Weight loss diet plan

    Hi everyone my name is Brian My goal is to help people loose weight and get the results they want. I want to help guide people along the way and have a chat to anyone about their current diets. My background, I have a history as a boxing coach and I've helped many lads and lady's involve their...
  2. E

    hi there am a newbie

    29 yrs am trying to lose 10 kgs but it is soo hard :( i saw an online article about egg diet have any of you tried that before ? am thinking to give it a try i will attach the article below
  3. Over40:-/

    Over 40 not over the hill

    I started joining weight conscious forums recently after discovering that years of ‘watching what I eat’ and constant abstaining from all the delicious foods my friends were enjoying accounted for nothing. When I hit 40, I was determined not to turn into my mum (sorry mum, I love you very much)...
  4. NamesJames

    What's the fastest way to shed pounds?

    I am asking this question because I want to know what works, scientifically speaking. So a fast or fastest 'way' could be a diet or exercises program or even a daily regime. Basically, whatever you have tried that yielded measurable results in the shortest time frame. For me, it was being 20...
  5. N

    Need help getting lean ....

    I'm trying to get lean and build muscle and have been trying for months, but have seen no results. Here is my diet: Breakfast - 4 turkey sausages, 3 poached eggs Snack - Banana, Porridge oat bar, yogurt Lunch - 2 Chicken Sandwichs Dinner - Sweet potato fries, green beans, and 6 chicken fillets]...
  6. Pizzaface

    Confused over weight gain ☹️

    I started slimming world 2 weeks ago, last week I lost 7.5lb!!! Was so happy! So this week I stuck to plan again, had a cheeky weigh yesterday morning and it said I’d gained 3lb!! I don’t actually get weighed properly until the morning but now I’m shitting myself because I don’t know why it said...
  7. B


    So, I have recently re-started a very sudden strict regime of Slimming World and exercise again. I can normally feel a difference in around 1 week however, this time I’m stuck! Literally. I can’t poo!! I know this is a bit of a minging topic, but I was just wondering if anyone else had a...
  8. B

    Slimming World - Am I doing it right?!?

    Hi all Ive just started attempting Slimming World about 2 weeks ago, doing it on my own (borrowed MotherInLaws books, cant afford/dont have time for the group unfortunately) I think I understand the general idea but not really losing anything. Am I expecting too much too soon or am I going...