1. M

    Dukan Diet Advice/Guidance

    Hi All! I came across this site when looking for some guidance on the Dukan diet. I am getting married in 3 months and current the biggest I’ve ever been. I have around 2 stone to lose so going to give it a good go! Any advice would be amazing as this seems to be a little more complex than...
  2. L

    Low carb weightloss dairy 60 lbs Will Go

    I’ve spent my whole adult life on a diet ! I know diets don’t work it’s finding a lifestyle that works. So I messed around yoyoing 40-70 lbs off every year to regaining it then losing it Since 2012 I’ve lost and gained about 300 lbs totoal in chunks 40-70 lbs a year even in 2015 I miscarried...
  3. L

    My Dukan Mission to a size 10-12

    I am struggling to find UK Dukan support so I’m glad I found this hopefully will find buddies for our journeys 😄 I’ve yoyied 30 years all my adult life I’ve lost huge amounts of weight in chuncks every year I lose 40-70 lbs and regain it - the last 5 years I’ve been doing skim and save mainly...
  4. S

    Back to VLCD from Atkins

    Hi all, This is my first post as I'm new to minimins! I started Exante VLCD on 5th Jan and managed to lose just under a stone (6kg) in 3 weeks, which brought me down to 64kg. Since then, spent a few days slowly phasing myself and I did a week and a half of Dukan (induction phase) and lost...
  5. J

    Back to Dukan

    1 first lost 3 stones on dukan about 4 years ago . 2 kids later it's all back on and then some. I've been very into periods of whole 30 and clean eating . (except when I'm not and then it's a proper sugar binge) . I don't lose weight on whole 30 anymore and my weight is getting a bit scary...
  6. Marissa

    Yummy Dukan food

    check out my Instagram 'DukanDietFood' for some inspiration!
  7. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...