healthy eating

  1. J


    Hi, I really enjoy meat, rice and vegetables at the moment and I have it everyday as it really fills me up. I don’t want to put weight on as I am happy at the weight I am at. Is what I’m eating ok? Thanks J
  2. J

    Where can I get cinnamon powder in USA? Suggestions please.

    is cinnamon has plenty of health benefits, what are the health benefits it has and where to get Ceylon cinnamon powder, any suggestions.
  3. J

    Where can I get triphala powder in USA? Suggestions please.

    is cinnamon has plenty of health benefits, what are the health benefits it has and where to get Ceylon cinnamon powder, any suggestions.
  4. S

    What are the benefits of triphala with milk?

    can anyone tell me where to buy triphala powder how Triphala powder used for health problems
  5. Honeyslade


    Hi, I have been drinking shakes, missing meals and not drinking correctly. This has resulted in poor health, so I have now started slimming world this week. Monday - Friday; I have found a routine as I work in an office and have had a set plan in place. How ever it is Saturday and I am...
  6. J

    A diary of me, sorting out my life

    Okay, so I love food. Straight to the point. And there has definitely been times in my life where I've loved food a little too much. Luckily, I was young, and my body type meant that I was able to lose the weight without too much effort. However, my body shape also means that I'll never be one...
  7. faux_scots_lass

    Hey there!

    Hi, My name is Dee, I'm 30 years old, a wife and mother and a repeat dieter. I've tried so many times in the past to lose weight, I'd manage to drop maybe 5 or 10lbs and then just....go back to my old habits and every time I'd put back on that 10lbs lost plus another 10lbs on top. So now I have...
  8. H

    I'm honestly tired of being FAT

    I am 23 years old and I am at the biggest weight I have ever been. I will weigh myself again tomorrow morning and put it down here but I am also a size 18 UK now, which is the highest I have ever been. I have been fat since my teenage years and I have just gotten up a clothes size but I really...
  9. dark_side_of_the_spoon

    Weight Monitor Apps

    Hi everyone - hope you have had a good start to the week. Does anyone use weight/diet monitoring apps? I have just downloaded a couple and have wondered who on here has used them and did they feel that it supported or hindered their healthy living process. Thanks in advance :-)
  10. Titch88


    Hey guys! So I'm back to dieting, decided not to go to meetings and to do it with some family members. Does anyone have any tips when it comes to cooking for a couple (one who isn't bothered about what they have on their plate and obviously the "dieter") so far we've had a syn free pasta...
  11. AmyVictoria

    Amy's Starting Again Diary!

    Hi Guys, So for all the usual reasons I of course fell off the wagon before. New House, New Job, ect. But I am so sick of being the fat one. I am going to pop my food diaries on here in the hopes that looking back on the bad days will help me stay motivated. If anyone does happen to read...
  12. Zafira

    Time for Change - And a NEW me .....

    Have decided to start a new diary.... New year...2016... also will be the year in which November I will reach 50 !:eek::) There a lot of things I need to try and accomplish this year as well as reach target in weight loss, I am not getting any younger and feel this year is my last opportunity...
  13. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...