Hi everyone - hope you have had a good start to the week.

Does anyone use weight/diet monitoring apps? I have just downloaded a couple and have wondered who on here has used them and did they feel that it supported or hindered their healthy living process.

Thanks in advance :)
I use the Nike app. It's free.

It tracks where I go when I want it to, and logs the distance that I cover. I HATE running so I walk.

I use it for going to the supermarket for any "treat" foods, and keep none inside the house.
Every app seems to say a different amount of calories though which isn't helpful.o_O

I really, really, really seriously honest to all that is holy wouldn't sweat the differences THAT MUCH.

Pick ONE, get started and stick to it.

If someone is reaching their maximum on calorie intake and only reaching the minimum of exercise target, wouldn't it be safe to say that the time for this hypothetical person to reach their weight loss goal would probably be longer than someone who is eating in the mid range of their allowed calories and maxing out on their exercises?
I started using My Fitness Pal when my losses stopped and it really helped to kickstart it all again. I'd definitely recommend it