1. Bean An Tí

    PCOS -Cysters 2021

    Hey everyone I'm just posting as I'm looking to see if there is anyone here dealing with PCOS symptoms? Mine seem to be affecting me quite badly at the moment. Bean an Tí
  2. M

    New Slimming Worlder with PCOS

    Hiya Back on the bandwagon after gaining 2.5 stone since my wedding a year and a half ago. 3.5 stone to target, with PCOS. Hoping to turn things around in the next 12 weeks. 6 weeks to my holiday to New York. Let's do this! Thanks for having me, Jan x
  3. Tigerpaws


    Hey everyone. I have just started the exante total solution (600) calories a day. I am struggling a Lil bit. I have pcos a underactive thyroid. I wondered if anyone has managed this diet successfully? I have read a number of views over ketogenic diets and the effects. I also wondered if...
  4. Determined_one

    Any fellow SW's with PCOS?

    Hi there, Been on the forum a while now and I was just wondering if any of fellow Slimming Worlders have PCOS? Do you find there's any free or speed foods you have to avoid or cut out all together because of the PCOS? I always seem to find on the weeks where i've eaten a lot of fruit or...
  5. amykf91

    PCOS and TTC

    Hi guys I went to my doctor in 2015 and was referred for an internal scan which confirmed I have cysts on my ovaries. The doctor was reluctant to formally diagnose me with PCOS and advised that I was best to come off the pill and have a blood test. I was getting married in a few months, so put...
  6. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  7. Jaxx1384

    Slimming World, PCOS and Dairy free newbie

    Hi all I've been a slimming world member for 6 months and im almost at my 1.5 stone award. It's been a hard 6 months with many ups and downs but I'm making progress. Being dairy free is frustrating but it's a necessity and pcos on top just make everything fun! Anyone else working with this...
  8. M

    Hi from a newbie - round 2 at losing baby weight (plus a bit!!)

    Morning Minimin-ers My search for SW syn values always leads me here so I thought I'd join and hopefully make it to target this time! My LG is now 20 months old and the first time I tried SW to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight she was just 3 months old. And it was a bit soon really for me...
  9. Kylaa15

    Wow...Last signed in 2013!

    HI GUYS!!!! So I have nooo idea what I'm doing, or if I'm doing this right? I have managed to get a hold of my old account and reading some of my posts from 2013, crazy stuff! Anyway, When I last posted I had moved out of my Bf's mums into our own place.. we are still living on our own!(Yay)...