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Extra Easy £20 a week budget for 3 weeks


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Hi there,

After forgetting about my car bill (bloody oil leak, and useless bloke who didn't send the bill out for 6 weeks!) and being very naughty and buying a Wii, I've worked out I have about £20 a week budget for the next 3 weeks until pay day (£25 at the most!)

What sort of meals could I cook on EE, or what food should I buy for £20? There's only me to cook for, but I did have spag bol this week, so I'm a bit sick of it! I also don't have a lot of freezer space (houseshare woes!) so meals that would be ok in the fridge and reheated would be good :)

Sian xxx
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big bear

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Quiches, chips, beans, pasta with sauces with onions, mushrooms.

Buy chicken thighs cheaper & tasty just remove the skin.

Buy frozen veg.

Sorry not sure if much help here.
Soups! Chuck all your left over and spoiling veg and make a yummy soup for a couple of meals. Get in to the supermarkets between 7-9pm and veg/meat is 75% or more off original selling price. I would try to stay clear of salad if the pennies are rather tight cause I think that can be expensive...
...or get loads of tinned veg in, value brands are harmless, i love vaule mushy peas, great super speed snack on green days


I will be a Princess!
Babysham80 - thanks for the tip about the meat! I hadn't realised it was that much cheaper at that time of night. Will definitely try that! Also, staying away from salad sounds like a good idea, as it does seem quite expensive :) xx


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Hi Sian

I started buying my veg out of a greengrocers, its so much better and cheaper, supermarkets overcharge and their fruit is always brick hard until it goes off so there's an area to make a possible saving - that or buy frozen veggies for things like casseroles/stews. I would do lots of pasta dishes ie carbonara, cannelloni, macaroni and bolonese. Morrisons usually have offers on their mince which you can use in a number of dishes like burgers, curries, chilli. Do you have a slow cooker? A cheap packet of beef with some stew veggies and stock makes a great meal and you can always freeze it. These are just some of the things I cook and my budget is usually around £20 per person per week.

Hope this helps x


I will be a Princess!
Thanks evilpenguin!! If you don't mind me asking, what do you use for macaroni cheese? Do you use fromage frais/yoghurt? If so, what are they like for reheating the following day? I made macaroni cheese for mum and dad this week but couldn't have any as it was a proper homemade cheese sauce :( xx


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buy lots of tinned tomatoes and tinned veg as they are cheap and can be used as a base for anything... just add different spices depending on whether you are having jacket spud, pasta or rice. Asda are doing 6 tins of the napolina toms for £3 at the mo.

isnt there a students area on the website as well? if so, it'll be good for cheap ideas. xxx
have you tried Farmfoods for frozen meat and veg, for example a bag of upto 6 chicken breasts for £4.75 and they are huge, loads of frozen veg £1 a bag.
you are me last month!

I had a good root through the cupboards and freezer to see what food i had already then planned meals around this making a list of only the foods that I needed. I stuck to the list and bought a few of the items at a reduced rate (close date) and did my shopping for a whopping £8.91! This ended up lasting over a week! It can be done, you just need to be careful
As others have said the value brands will be better value - i have just come back from Asda and got the following low syn/free things

Smart price gammon rounds £1 for a pack of 2
Smart price tinned chilli con carne about 41p
Smart price tinned spaghetti bolognaise again about 41p
Smart price chopped tomatoes
Smart price eggs 15 for £1.20 ish
Smart price frozen cauliflower about 71p (there are other veg too)

just a couple of ideas. Do you have a food directory if so you could look through that for the value brands that are low syn.


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in student part on slimming world site they have recipes for under £4.... then you can freeze some things like bolognase :)


I will be a Princess!
Well...I didn't quite manage to keep to £20 this week. It came out as £29 :( But I bought some things that will last me for at least a couple of weeks as they have long dates on them etc. Also bought 3 quorn items as they were on offer which I can freeze and have over the next 3 weeks. So I'm getting there! I cut down on some of my luxuries this week, so it wasn't too much over my £25 absolute maximum :)

Thank you all for your advice though! I'm still amazed by how helpful and supportive everybody is on Minimins :)

Sian xxx


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If you have a market nearby try that for fruit & veg also go to a butchers for meat and tell them what you can afford and ask what they can offer for that. We have a butchers in town who does "meat for the week" which seems to be based on a family of 4 and costs £10 for loads of stuff (mince, gammon, whole chicken, steak and something else that I can't remember, might be sausages but you get the idea)!!


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Spag Bol and Chilli work out as pennies per portion. I can get 8 portions out of 500g of extra lean mince, just bulk it out with grated carrot, onion and frozen mushrooms :)
This is a great tip - also a can of value baked beans chucked in with spag bol or chilli will stretch it out across at least another portion, maybe 2 if you're careful.
WOW this post Is great! I feel the pain of a broke student haha Also Eggs are a godsend.. so filling you wouldnt believe! I always say you need a good start to the day, Id ususally have my brekki around 8.. have a slice of brown bread HEB with a mushed up banana (yumm) and while your munching on that have an egg boiling.. You'll be stuffed till 12 or 1 at least!

You can also make yummy omelettes or even egg fried rice if your looking for a take away distraction! Very easy to make all you need is an egg, some peas, ground pepper and/or lemon for a bit of bite and rice! Best of all its all free.. infact Im getting hungry now :p xx

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