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★~~★ team 28 the 100% cders ★~~★


Losing is the ONLY option
Hi All,

Welcome to the official thread of the 100% Cders!

Members so far are:




We have 3 more spaces so if anyone would like to join please let us know!

Once we have our 6 members we will need to elect a team leader and then start recording our weights.

Feel free to come here and have a chat, and if you have ANY problems or are experiencing low moments, please come here and express yourself.

We are here to help each other reach our goals and to also convince each other to resist the temptation to cheat!

Good luck to us all! :D
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Going for Goal!
Just want to say a BIG hello to my team members Bubblypenguin and Laila!

Hope you both have a fab day!

I'd love to hear your stories of what brought you to cd and your goals. It'd be good to get to know each other properly. Where are you both from?

Hopefully we will get our 3 more members soon!

Hugs x x x


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Hey guys! I can't stop- I'm late for work ;o! Will fill you in with details about my journey so far a little later! I'm from Plymouth and it's almost sunny today! Anyway, have a great day 100%ing, I'm checking in with CDC tonight after first 3 days, will let you know how I get on when I get home!

See ya later! xx


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Hi Laila and all 100% CDers, thanks for the team invite, i would love to join you peeps on this exciting new journey, well new for me anyway i have just started.
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Losing is the ONLY option
Hey emma, clare and sass,

Hope you are all getting on well with 100% :p.

I always make it to the evening and starting waning so will prob be on here later venting my frustrations!

I live in Surrey and have struggled with my weight all my life. I have tried everything from slimfast to tesco diets, ww atkins but I just can never stick to it.

CD has been really positive so far, I don't have to think much about what to eat which helps so much and my CDC is really helpful.

I am at work at the moment so I have to pretend to be doing something sorry for short post.

Would love to hear from you all. What are you hoping to acheive and how you are finding things.

I am hoping to lose another 5 stone, have lost 1 already yippee!!!

and sass this journey is super exciting for me too, i am new too so dont worry :) This is the first time I have felt really positive about a diet!

Anyways back to tapping some keys and looking busy :D


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Hi Lalia,

Yep the evenings are hard for me on any diet but today the hardest thing for me was dishing up the dinner for the family, it's shocking how much i used to pick whilst doing the dinner.
Other than that i seem to be doing okay, i'm feeling tired now but i'm feeling great over all. I had the butterscotch shake for breakfast which i didn't really like, Strawberry for lunch which i loved ( was nice to taste my favourite flavour and enjoy it as slimfast strawberry wasn't one i liked ). Then for dinner i had oriental chilli soup, didn't really enjoy that one either. I kinda got a whole mix of flavours to try this week so i know what i will like and what i dont. What flavours do u guys all like the most?

Surry cool, my nan lives in surbiton, haven't been down there for ages but when i was little we always spent lots of time there.

Well done on your 1stone lost already, that's great. when the weight comes off i think any diet is fab, but once it starts slowing down to drips here n there thats when it becomes a problem, which is why i stopped slimfast, fingers crossed this diet will enforce a constant stream of drips :)

LoL at the tapping some keys ;)


Recovering Foodaholic
Evening peeps! Just a quickie, cos OH is waiting for me! I promise to send a longer post tomorrow when he is at work- men and attention! pfft!

Anyway after a really crappy day at work (I teach) went to my 3-day check in with CDC and I've lost 3 lbs, on top of the 10 I lost in my prep week! I've also lost and inch on my waist, since Tuesday evening, and my blood pressure has come down! I'm feeling fab at mo!

Anyway, well done Laila on your first stone, that's brilliant- the other 5 will just drop off! I have nearly 7 stone to lose-phew!

And Sass how many days have you been doing CD?
What about you, Emma?

Are you guys doing SS or another? I'm SSing all the way...well not all the way I might disappear! ARGH!

Will catch you later m'dears! Off to indulge in choc-mint mousse! (Hope it's nice!)


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Good Morning all,

I got through day one woohoo, i'm very pleased with myself today, but i know the next few days with test my strengths.

Clare - Well done on losing another 3lbs hun that's fab and only 3 days after your 10lb loss, so almost 1 stone gone for you too. I'm pleased your blood pressure is coming down and it shows that it makes a difference so early on in the weight loss. I also have high blood pressure, i'v just been put on tablets for it but i'm hoping it comes down fast with this diet.

wow a teacher, what age group do you teach ? I admire any teacher, i have 3 boys, love them lots but geezzz i wouldn't want to teach them or any other child for that matter. I have enough trouble getting my 13 year old to do his homework.

Yep yesterday was my first day which went really well, just feel crap whilst dishing everyone's dinner up and then i felt tired in the evening. I didn't much like my last pack ( i had oriental chilli and it didn't go down to well ) although wasn't totally yuk if you know what i mean.

I'm also ss'ing my first goal is to get down 3 stone for my grandma's 70 birthday party in September, well the big picture is 5 but i did 2 on slim fast so just got to worry about the 3, also would love to be in an 18 by then.

Ow yum let us know how the mousse goes, i didn't buy mix a mousse for some reason. Have you had the mint chocolate as a normal shake or as a hot drink, i would like to try it today but i'm worried i wont like it hot. Strawberry is my winning flavour at the moment.

Hope your all okay and have a wonderful Saturday everyone, i will be around all day today as i didn't make any plans this weekend so that if i do feel bad i can just curl up in the duvet.


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Morning, Sass another early bird I see! And morning Laila and Emma!

Thanks, Sass, I'm really chuffed, especially about the BP bit- my Doc as so unhelpful about it- didn't say it was worth medicating but didn't offer any assistance in getting it down either. 3 days and it's on its way!

I teach Year 6, which is lovely- 10 and 11..however SATs are are over and hormones are everywhere at the mo! We are a very inclusive school which means we have a large percentage of children with SEN. Some are finding the change and moving on to a new school very challenging and the last week has been very challenging! I've got one poor chap who has had a crap life really and is having a really tough time at the mo, however he has a great fondness of trees so I often find myself attempting to climb one to talk him down! I tell you, I could be a police negotiator! I have another, who's mother told him to run straight home if he was having a problem- he's bigger than me, but if functioning at the level of a 5 year old. So what did he do when someone said something unkind yesterday- ran home and WE got abuse from the mother for not keeping him in school! GGRRR

Anyway sry, rant over. It's good to vent I think. But seriously I do love my job, it's very rewarding.

I'm glad yesterday went well for you, tough though doing everyone's dinner! I'm sure it will get easier, stick with it! Did you do any preparation of cutting carbs last week? I did and it worked a treat. I'm also lucky because I have no children only guinea pigs and I don't really care for raw broccoli- sooner have a shake! My OH is good too, he's just into WW meals and beans so he looks after himself. The annoying thing is that when I did WW to years ago he didn't know how to help. Now that I'm on meal replacement he's discovered the WW range of food, has lost a stone in a month and said 'if i knew they tasted this good, I would have done it with you when you were doing it!!!' Men pfft!

Gonna try to break my shakes/porridge/soup up to day into 6 portions. My CDC suggested it and it might be better to have 6 smaller goes through the day so I don't feel deprived. Water is a godsend, I now crave it!

I'm not really hungry this morning, so just half a porridge for me- I might try half a bar later, see how that goes. I was in ketosis before I started so I have been allowed to try them earlier to see how I get on- I'm on a school camp on the 22nd so will need 'easy' food.

I also bought a new hand blender yesterday- cost £20 but gotta be worth it- Phillips 600w with whisk attachment. The whisk is fab, so powerful it easily doubled the volume of my shake and made it so thick and creamy..mmmmm

Oh and the mousse...erm well think I added too much gelatine and left it in the fridge too long! It turned out like a thick heavy jelly which I could cut!!! Oh well, gave me something to chew, I spose!!!
I have had the mint choc blended with lots of ice it is scrummy, like a mint feast! I did try a choc hot with a spoonful of coffee to make a mocha, but I don't think it was hot enough, will need to experiment with the hot ones abit more- have got the cappucino one so will try that at some point!

Oh and my CDC said, if you get the water flavouring- orange or berry and mix it with mousse you get a 'free' jelly! but only one teaspoon a day, so either make up half (it's very concentrated apparently) or make a choice for which one that day.

Will check in with you guys later, have a great day!

WOW! Epic post!


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oh yes i know all about those SATs, iv got an 11 year old who had just done them and boy did he div out the week after. Its funny coz he was telling me yesterday how they are doing rehearsing their leaving play and how all the girls started to cry ( i thought it was funny, i remember being that age and god girls used to cry over everything ) any excuse for tears. With regards to the silly mother telling her child to run home, wow must be so frustrating to have the parent moan at you guys for letting him ( as the parent put it ).

And its always good to rant !!

I have thought about breaking mine up into 6 portions but i'm not sure if you have to weigh it all out and right now i don't have any kitchen scales to do it with.

Better dash got some bits to do but will be back later.


Recovering Foodaholic
Well I'm not weighing, working on volume instead. My CDC told me that half a shake pack is 2 18ml tablespoons. I'm not sure if mine is that, so I get two bowls and count them out. Half a porridge is 2 tbs and 1 tsp using mine. I spose I could just weigh it and half it but then I'm sure that would be far too sensible, and I wouldn't want to lose any excess powder in the weighing bowl haha!
If you don't have any measuring equipment take a dessert spoon and work it out in level amounts. If then there's not enough to make a tbs switch to teaspoon and do the same. You'd only need to do it three times :shake/porridge/soup depending on what you have, I guess


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Well I'm not weighing, working on volume instead. My CDC told me that half a shake pack is 2 18ml tablespoons. I'm not sure if mine is that, so I get two bowls and count them out. Half a porridge is 2 tbs and 1 tsp using mine. I spose I could just weigh it and half it but then I'm sure that would be far too sensible, and I wouldn't want to lose any excess powder in the weighing bowl haha!
If you don't have any measuring equipment take a dessert spoon and work it out in level amounts. If then there's not enough to make a tbs switch to teaspoon and do the same. You'd only need to do it three times :shake/porridge/soup depending on what you have, I guess
what a clever idea, i never thought of doing it like that, was just saying to my OH that i would like to try splitting but wasn't sure how to measure it out properly and neither of us came up with using a spoon to do one for now, one for later kinda thing. Thx for that Clare.

I just had a toffee and walnut shake for breakfast which was quite nice, iv almost had 1.5lts of water already so will have to slow down a little.

Clare did you test for ketosis and on what day did you test if you did :) i bought some ketostixs from my cdc and i'm not sure what day is best to test, i didn't do one this morning as its only day 2 but my cdc has said that once i'm in ketosis i can try the bars, i bought one of each flavour to try and i cant wait :)


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Thanks Irene!

Sass, I was lucky, I was already in ketosis before I started on Wednesday- due to the prep plan my CDC gave me. If you have the sticks I can't see it would hurt just to test yourself just to see. I had nothing but protein 4 days previous to first meeting her, after cutting carbs for a week and a bit, so mine was really strong at first- too strong really, but has calmed down a bit (I had to get my BMI under 40, so we went for it!)
I think I tried mine in the evening. I think you can just try it and see. Don't be worried if you aren't yet, it'll happen I'm sure. Are you hungry at all, shaky, headachy? or do you have lots of energy? I got very few symptoms during prep- just a headache, and none at all so far on ss. Keep the water up....'water is my friend' is new mantra^^

Just had half a bar and put the other in the fridge- my theory is the longer it takes to chew the fuller I feel- just like a frozen mars bar rly- I had the choc one, it was a nice change from liquid- obviously not as nice as the real thing, but when you've not had any for a while it's a nice change :D

I always think variety is key for me so I don't get bored, lots of different things so I don't miss chewing. Luckily, however I like routine and structure and this certainly gives me that!


Losing is the ONLY option
Hey ladies,

Sorry for the delay in posting have been reading your posts all day but was at work since 6.30am eek! everytime I attempted to write something someone came and plonked something to do on my desk....:mad:Working on saturdays is not good but it had to be done unfortunately :copon:

Hows everything going for you guys, im struggling so much at the moment with my bad demons. Saw something that looked so tempting and the thing in my head was edging me to eat it, but I resisted... Wahey!

Sass hope your getting on ok, dinner is a killer, esp when it is something you are craving and you have to watch hubby or kids eat it!! But soon you will be the hottest thing to hit the town so it will be all worth it :)

Clare - you are a teacher, hehe I have utmost respect for anyone in that profession, you must have the patience of a saint as 30 year 6's is my worst nightmare. I did work experience a few years back when I thought I was cut out for teaching, oh was I wrong, 25 year 1 kids all staring at me was just too much!

What you said about the boy running home, its kind of worrying that parents so easily blame teachers, I mean you can't control their every move and its ridiculous to assume a teacher can magically change a child when they might not receive positive attention at home, well thats just my point of view.

Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, I think we are going to hit the pebbled beaches of brighton, not the most glamourous of places but still nice to be near the sea whilst the weather is good.

Hope you are sticking 100% as it will be worth it. I cheated a few days back, felt absolutely awful and just checked the scales have put on 1.5 lbs sooooo have really learnt my lesson now. Its just not worth it :sigh:


Recovering Foodaholic
Thanks, Laila, I normally have alot a patience, but it certainly wore thin yesterday!! It's nice to know that there are some people out there that recognise I cannot change the behaviour of their children if all the positive work I do is undone at home! (Sry, rant over)

It's my first day on CD at home today- managed 3 at work, the structure is great for it. I have stuck 100% at it, but decided to break it down into bits cos I knew I'd be in a nibbly mood.

I've also had a go at making jelly with the water flavouring and have frozen a tetra- will have half- jelly and ice-cream for pudding!!!

Had half a porridge for brekkie and half a bar a few hours later. Then half veg drink (save other half for jelly) and chicken n mush soup which I like suprisingly! That was one I was dreading hehe. Anyway made it with less water so it was a bit creamier, 200ml I think.

I'm sorry that you've struggled today, maybe breaking it down in to different steps may help- it certainly kept my hands busy anyway lol. And don't worry about your blip, you'll soon shift that 1.5lb. You can do it!!!

I've signed up to the Big Brother Challenge- set a target for the end of BB. I'm not watching it, but it's nice to have goal alongside everyone else. I started a week late (runs for 12) so I've gone for 2 1/2 st- I've already had a big loss before I started, doubt that whoosh will repeat!

Oh well, off to pick up OH in a mo, spose I'd better look like I have been sat on minimims all day! x


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Good Morning Team - How are you all today ? Its sunny here so i'm up bright an early :) Hope you all had a great Saturday ?

Laila - Hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the beach, wish i lived down there :) i was there last year for a day as we was on a haven holiday with the kids in hastings so took a train to Brighton. just wish i was nearer any sort of beach, would love to be able to just pop down to the seaside with the kids. Sorry to hear about your gain but it will come back off fast enough i'm sure.

Clare - Hope your first day at home went well for you.
I've also had a go at making jelly with the water flavouring and have frozen a tetra- will have half- jelly and ice-cream for pudding!!!
How was the pudding ?

I had a great day yesterday, i'm feeling really good about this diet. I cooked the family a yummy looking shepherds pie for tea with broccoli and even though it smelt good i was fine around it and can honestly say i didn't want any, i hope its always going to be like this. I tell myself that the diets i have been on this year are to benefit my health in a huge way and once im in better shape then i can let food back into my life so its not a forever NO!! makes me feel better when i think about that. I'm also really pleased with the packs, i really was so worried i wouldn't like any and that the diet would be like torcher, but i actually love some of the flavours. I also did a Ketosis test yesterday and i'm already in ketosis on day 2, wow !! thought it would be a b***h getting into tbh so was fully prepared to have some very low days with headaches etc. But i couldn't be more happier, I love this diet. heheh i sound crazy lol

so is our team full now and do we have a leader ? I know we are ment to send in our weightloss results on a sunday i think it is so i wont be able to join into this sundays one as i dont weigh in till thursday, is that okay ?


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Morning girls!
I'm on a bit late today as I've been running around shops after dropping OH to work.

Congrats on getting into ketosis so early, Hayley- that's really fantastic- if you're like me you won't be feeling hungry at all! I'm not, but I didn't drink enough water yesterday, so I'm on a mission today!
My pudding was absolutely scrummy- although I had it as dinner and had half an iced cappucino shake later on in the evening...mmmm just like coffee ice-cream! I was lazy so, as I only wanted half a frozen tetra I just sliced the carton in half and had it with a jelly- that water flavouring is so strong! I used half a litre of water, scoop and a half of mix-a-mousse and half a teaspoon of flavouring- it tasted just like lemonade. Also I accidentally made it frothy when whipping i but it gave it a cool bubbly top! I reckon if you used plain sparkling water it would turn out like a fizzy lemondade jelly :D Yum! I made it into 3 bowls, like little trifle bowls and with the half tetra it was really filling!

I felt like I ate tons yesterday, but it was all within the three shakes. I'm gonna keep trying half a porridge in the morning as I find a whole one with water bloats me. Yesterday I had:
Half porridge
Half chocolate bar
Half tsp Veg mix hot drink
Chicken n Mush soup
Half choc tetra frozen +jelly
Half iced cappucino thick-shake

I felt like a real porker after that lot and certainly not deprived^^

I hope Emma and Laila are having as much success with this diet as we are, Hayley, I'm enjoying it so much- it's so nice not to have to worry what I'm putting in my mouth! And I know when I reach goal and start eating again it will be with a new approach to making the best choices for ME! I've never been slim so there is no way in hell I'm gonna let myself get like this again!

How old is everyone anyway, I don't mean to be rude in asking that, just sometimes it helps to visualise ya! I'm 30 in July (eek) which is why I'm so spurred on at the mo.

I think there's only 4 of us at the mo, so we could really do with recruiting 2 others...

I'm not sure about my weigh in, because to be honest, I've only been doing shakes since Wednesday, but I was weighed on Tuesday as part of my preparation week and I lost 10lbs, and I consider that to be part of my CDC diet. I was then weighed on Friday- that was another 3 in 3 days, so would I put down 13? hmmm tricky. I'm not sure what my regular weigh-in day will be, though I have an appointment with my CDC next Friday :)

So which flavours is everyone getting on well with? I've got a cupboard with a real variety mix at the mo!


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Clare - I cant believe how well things are going on this diet, i'm feeling great today. I'm kinda feeling to good if you know what i mean, more than normal. I'm also not feeling hungry which is great, had to make myself have my first pack at about 11ish or i would have been happy to just carry on, food was so far away in my thoughts. I'm pleased i'm not the only one enjoying this though, i felt crazy when explaining how i feel to my OH, kinda think he don't believe me because he was a little bit against me doing the diet, though he is happy at the moment because i'm on top of the world !!!

Here is my List of flavours and my rating :)
Chocolate mint - Yummy
Butterscotch - drinkable
Toffee & Walnut - Okay
Strawberry - Yummy
Apple and Cinnamon Porridge - Yummy
Oriental Chilli soup - Yuk
Spicy Tomato soup - Yummy

Still need to try
Chicken and mushroom soup
Also got one of each flavour of the bars still to try.

Its day 3 for me and still not had anything the same yet so thats a bonus too, can honestly say that although i have put a few flavours down as yuk, they wasnt so yuk to make me sick with is saying something because i dont have a very stong stomach.

Clare re your weight loss i would say that your first weeks loss was 13lbs. Then i would try and go with a Friday weigh in maybe ?! depends what day of the week you see your CDC. I'm going to see mine every Thursday so what i have lost on this day, that will be the loss i report for the team on Sundays. ( well i think that's how this works )

I'm also 30, had my Bday in February so there is 5 months between us :) i also went on my weight loss mission due to that dreaded number, was so worried about becoming 30 but i feel younger than 30 anyway, so who cares about that blasted number, just freaks me out to know my next big bday will be 40 :( 10 years away but still worry about it lol.

I felt like I ate tons yesterday, but it was all within the three shakes. I'm gonna keep trying half a porridge in the morning as I find a whole one with water bloats me. Yesterday I had:
Half porridge
Half chocolate bar
Half tsp Veg mix hot drink
Chicken n Mush soup
Half choc tetra frozen +jelly
Half iced cappucino thick-shake

I felt like a real porker after that lot and certainly not deprived^^
Sounds like breaking it up worked great for you yesterday. I'm doing fine with the 3 at the minute, really don't feel hungry at all.

I'v had a sneaky peak at my loss so far and my scales weighed me in 2lbs lighter that my cdc on Thursday

CDC WI - 18.2
My Scales - 18
My scales today say i'm - 17.7 + 1/2. so its looking good, and today is only my 3rd day :) That's a 6 and a half lb loss in 2 days going by my scales.
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Hayley, that is so brilliant, well done- 6lbs is awesome- you'll also be losing excess water too, because you've uped your fluid levels..but as you're in ketosis is fat burning away woohoo!

Oh dear, chilli soup no good? I'm about to have one for lunch shortly hehe. Oh well, it's no good I'll just try something else.

What have I had so far? hmmm
veg soup- ugh
chick n mush- pretty good
tomato- would be OK but I made it a bit watery, so jury's still out atm.
Choc mint- mmm yum
butterscotch- like angel delight
choc- nice, I mixed it with coffee and added hot water, but I don't think it was hot enough and not so thick, but still tasty^^
cappucino- mmm nice
choc tetra- best as ice-cream, although I had some diluted on Friday and that was Ok too.
Porridge, both sorts are yum, although very sweet- kinda remind me more of rice pud.
Haven't mastered the mousse making yet, the choc turned out like a sheet of rubber the other day! oops- I still ate it!

I haven't had a problem with being hungry in between- even on three- my CDC suggested that I split them as she found them too much when she did it and I'm inclined to agree- a whole portion of porridge or a shake makes me so bloated! It also gives me something to do with my hands and it means I can have a real variety of things throughout the day :D
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