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♥ Little*red's WW Diary - preparing for core


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hello everyone,
Just thought i'd start up my own diary to record my moods and foods and so you lot can help me keep on track since i'm a bit new to it all.
I've been trying to work out menus for my first week, and even though i'm only on 17 points, it feels like you get to eat loads! I'm struggling to fill my points with healthy options as they are all so low in points,in an ideal world it would be used up with a few crunchies a day :D.
Is it normal to think that your eating too much and that you won't lose weight, even when you within your points?
I officially start tommorow so i'll put up my stats etc once i take them first thing in the morning.
Raynor x
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Best of luck this week, you sound like you're really well prepared! I like to do that too, have an idea for meals during the week, really helps with the shopping.

I reckon at first everyone panics about eating too much and not losing any weight. I started two weeks ago and I have to admit the first week I wasn't eating all my points, im on 22 and was only eating bout 17. Have made a conscious effort this week to use all my points so it will be interesting to see if its had any impact on my wi tomorrow, will keep everyone posted.

Joanne x
Hello Red:wave_cry:
Welcome to this forum and best of luck with WW. You don't look as if you need to lose much or indeed anything - and your red hair is stunning!
Yes, it's normal to think like that....i think we all did when we first started. Just stick to your points and you will be absolutely fine.

You look lovely in your pic by the way :D


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thank you so much everyone, you lot are such a supportive bunch.

Ok so as promised I hopped on the scales this morning and whipped out the measuring tape, so the my starting stats are looking like this:

Weight: 135.2lbs
BMI: 25.5
Body Fat: 31.1%
Bust: 38"
Waist: 29"
Hips: 38"
Upper arm: 11"
Upper thigh: 22.5"
Lower thigh: 15.5"
Knee: 14.5"
Calf: 14.5"
Ankle: 9.5"
Dress size: 12

Points per day: 17
Weigh day : Monday
Weight: 116lbs
BMI: 21.9
Body Fat: ~21%
Bust: 34"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 36"
Dress size: 10

I'm all excited for this first week, just hoping I can lose these last pesky pounds, slowly but surely. :)


Don't worry, be happy :)
Day 1

Day one- Done

Swiss Muesli - 2.5
Milk (semi skimmed) - 1
apple - 0.5

Homemade lentil soup - 0.5
2 nairns oatcakes - 1.5
satsuma - 0.5

Chicken breast - 2.5
Fajita powder - 1
Potato wedges - 2.5
oil - 2
red pepper, onion & lettuce, tomato, cucumber - 0
salsa - 0
banana - 1.5

milky coffee - 1
4 pints water- 0

Total: 17 points

My first question is gonna be, how the heck does anyone lose weight on this diet, i feel like i've eaten loads today! Isn't it amazing how much you can eat of the right foods. can anyone let me know if i've gone wrong with my points somewhere, it would be greatly appreciated.
My dinner today was massive and it only cost 8 points, and 2 of that was taken up by the oil, so hubby has been sent out for fry light ;).
I get the feeling i'm not really going to struggle on this diet, lets just hope i lose the lbs though.

Might even crack out my new davina dvd tomorrow, its so difficult, thank goodness it's only 40mins. Anyone know if exercise will slow up my losses?

ok off to nosy in everyone elses diaries to see how your all getting on.
Hi there. You sound so organised and its great that you have taken your measurements etc before you start.

Your points look ok to me - but as I don't know how many potatoes etc you had...its hard to tell. Some of the WW points gurus will put you right if you have gone astray.

Which of your goal measurements are most important to you? The reason I ask is that I am really happy with my size (and have been for about 7lbs) but have gotten really hung up with the numbers - quite a few people set size targets too so that they know what they will be happy with.

Don't mean to stick my oar in - good luck with tomorrow. xx


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks LRO, I measured everything out as i'm a bit anal like that so hopefully havent eaten any more than the points stated on the ww site.

I will be extremely happy when I get to a healthy BMI of 24.9 but the one that matters to me most is that i want to be a size 10, not the oh i can just get the zip up kind of 10, but fit into them and be comfortable with the size.
i don't know if my target weight will get me there but i know what you mean by getting hung up on numbers. my current goal is 116lbs because it would mean I had lost exactly 50lbs, but then I think well perhaps I could just lose that extra 6lb to 110lb which would be 4st total loss.
I don't want to get too thin though, so that I start looking like a lollypop head, and 110lb would be getting to the lowest on of a healthy BMI, plus would it be easy to maintain such a low weight?
Sorry for the essay, bet you wish you had never asked now. I just hope to look in the mirror one day and think 'yes this is my perfect weight'.


Don't worry, be happy :)
Day 2

Branflakes - 1.5
Milk - 1
Apple - 0.5

lentil soup - 0.5
1 oat cake - 0.5
banana - 1.5

2 x ham slice - 1
salad - 0
baked potato 200g - 2.5
cheese (40g) - 4.5
salad cream - 1
butter spread - 1.5

Milky coffee - 1

Total: 17 points

Today has went great, managed to stick to my points, actually rather struggled to squeeze them all in. I have a dodgy tummy at the moment though, think i got really erm.... bunged up from eating virtually no carbs on the GL diet other than veg.
Managed to drink 2 pints of water today, not to bad as i was distracted by my dad pestering me to write up his CV .
I've been working out all my points for Thursday as i'm going out to the beefeater for tea with my sister and then on to the cinema to see slumdog millionaire, so might actually break out the tae bo tomorrow for some activity pints so i can get some popcorn when i'm there. A little bit of give an take eh, i love this diet :D.


Don't worry, be happy :)
Day 3

Jumped on the scales today :)asskick:I know I know!) but I was scared that I might be gaining weight with all i'm eating. However they showed that i had STS which is great because realisticly I wouldn't have lost much in 2 days, but at least I haven't gained.
To be honest i actually think i would have lost a little if i had drunk more water yesterday. i've noticed that even if i'm a tiny bit thirsty my body clings on to that water for dear life, so i'm gonna be glugging all this week.
WOW LR, you are doing so well. Your points look good and you sound so motivated. I look forward to seeing how you get on. I am sure you will reach that goal and finally be happy with what you see. You can always assess your goals as you go. You might find you are happy at a higher weight or you may feel you need to go lower. You will know that when you get there. Loads of luck! x


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks Lea, your doing great yourself, had a little peek at your pics and your kids are adorable, you must be a very proud mummy.

So todays menu:

Muesli -2.5
milk - 1
apple - 0.5

homemade tomato soup - 3.5
2 nairns oatcakes - 1.5
petit filous - 1.5

Egg x 2 -3
mayo (15g) - 2
Salad - 0
Satsuma - 0.5

Milky coffee - 1
3 pints water - 0

I'm getting so into this diet, i don't even want to call it a diet, its basically my healthy eating bible ;). Made some tomato soup from scratch today, and it tasted better than any shop bought stuff, think i surprised myself a little!
never bothered with exercise so I won't be nibbling at the cinema tomorrow, will just have my meal.
I'm a bit anxious about tomorrow as my mum and dad are babysitting the girls while i go for a meal and cinema with my sis. However I had a huge fallen out with my mum back in November and then a massive arguement with her in december which resulted in me chucking her out my house. I don't want to see her and won't speak to her, but I'm not stopping her seeing her grandchildren, it will just be awkward, you know?
Anyway enough of my ramblings for tonight, i'll be back tomorrow for my 'been good' brownie points :p.


Don't worry, be happy :)
Day 4

toast -1
jam - 0.5
apple - 0.5

Tomato soup - 3.5

Paprika chicken with piri piri rice - 11.5
Diet coke - 0

Today feel like its been a rollercoaster of emotions. First of all my car is at the garage to get its clutch replaced (EXPENSIVE!!!!) and i was supposed to be picking it up tonight, only to be told I can't get it until Saturday morning, which f's up plans we had for tomorrow :sigh:.
Also my Mum was babysitting the girls tonight while i went for dinner and cinema with my sister. ARGH the woman enfuriates me, i don't want to speak to her and she acts as as nothing has happened between up and tries to talk to me like we're 'normal' :mad:.
On a good note, I was really good today, had the oppertunity to have a blow out with sweets and stuff when at the cinema but didn't. I went to see slumdog millionaire and thought it was great, even if a bit too long leading to a numb bum! It was really sad though. The best part is that it was free as my hubby is a projectionist so we get free tickets, so if it was rubbish I wouldn't have wasted money :p.
Oh yeah almost forgot, i found some courgettes today which i've been after for over a week now, there seemed to be a shortage of them after searching 7 supermarkets to no avail. Ha ha , how sad am I, finding a courgette is the highlight of my day. I really need to get out more!
Hello again LR, sorry to hear about your difficulties with your mum - hope it gets sorted out and you are back on civil terms at least.

Your food plans are looking great.

On the weight front -I think my paranoia comes because I go to class and have set a goal weight of 9st 4lbs which seems to be eluding me greatly. I flirt within a pound of it then go back up again....its doing my blooming head in because I am happy at my current weight but want that little gold key thing that they give you....:rolleyes: sad, but true.


Don't worry, be happy :)
but want that little gold key thing that they give you
This made me laugh, but i know what you mean, you feel like you've set out to do something and want to see it through to the end. Don't worry hun you'll get there, you be proudly showing off that gold key soon, you've done fantastic.xx

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