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♥ Nicki's ♥ Diary - I've been here the whole time, the whooooooooooooooooole time!


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Posted a few times on the forum, but thought a diary would be a good idea, tend to babble a bit.
Well i'm Nicki, i'm 24 and i live in Southsea with my Hubby. We got married last October, I never lost weight for the wedding, it really didn't motivate me at all. Tried most diets and they have worked for a time but eventually i give up and end up piling the pounds back on. I suffer with severe depression so some days the last think i want to think about is what i'm eating, which is usually where i slip up. What infuriates me (about myself) is that if i lost the weight, i wouldn't be so depressed!
Hubby and I are ttc out first child, although at my size its going to be pretty hard to fall pregnant, but you never no. I no that if i can shift a few stone i'll feel better and start living again rather then just existing!

Well this is the end of my first day, I joined group yesterday and i went over my points a little yesterday but i wasn't counting it as a proper day and got rid of some of the junk. :D
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Hello Nicki
well done on starting a diary and I look forward to reading how you are getting on etc in the future weeks here's to a slimmer you


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Well day 2 has been, well long! Think i'm going to go over on points, i took mince out the freezer and when it was defrosted, weighed it and it was 11 points, so just had it was sweetcorn and gravy :D On slimming world i prob would have had that with mash as well. If i do go over i can make them up tomorrow.
I'm trying to decide if i want to go back to group, i bought all the duluxe pack so i have everything i need and i have a pair of decent scales. To be honest i'd rather put the money in a jar and use it to buy myself a treat when i reach my first target. Not sure what to do really.
Good luck on your journey. I've just switched from SW to WW in order to shift 2 stone of baby weight so we can start trying for number 3. It's all new to me at the moment so can't really offer any advice just wanted to wish you luck!
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i would stay to class personally. you might be thinking right now that you dont need it.. but in all honesty you've already admitted that you start things and dont finish them, and that extra support could really help you make the difference this time. You will find youll save money as you lose weight anyway.. as you'll eat less! :p

good luck with your weightloss hun x


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Are we really sure the diet is legite? because i've just sat here and eat crumpets and butter for breakfast :worthy: Ok i'm the first to admit i have gone over points the last few days, but there was a reasonable excuse bot days, first the mince blew it for me and i'd already defrosted it so couldn't waste it :D Yesterday i was prescribed xenical so i was getting rid of the ww friendly but high fat stuff :bolt: But i've been i've been thinking about it and i'm not sure i want to take them. For me i'm doing really well on ww this time and i'm not finding it hard or constrained. Ok its only been 4 days, but not once have i looked in my kitchen and think i can't have that but if i went onto the pills i'd be like that all the time and thats why i never succeed on diets. :ashamed0005: Maybe i'll keep them for when i start struggling. I so want to lose the weight and i want it gone fast :break_diet:
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Unfortunately we'd all like to lose weight fast but it really is impractical to do so as usually when its done with speed you see an even faster regain of the weight, slowly but surely wins the race and all that.
If you feel happy with the plan and the way you are eating see how you are getting along first, I also still have Xenical I was prescribed after Xmas that have so far been untouched, but its lovely to have them there as a sort of secruity blanket.


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I can't believe it, in 4 days i've lost 5lbs :bliss: I've decided not to go back to group but going to my mums to get weighed (scarier then any weight watchers lady) Going to save the money up for a reward when i get to my first target. Also decided to change weigh day till Wednesday, as you can tell.
I've also taken a mahossive step of ordering a swimming costume :party0011: I've asked a few girlfirends to come with me, having asked them i realised they are all sticks (most of whom moan they're fat :doh:) So hubby is going to take me in the evenings as well. Just need to do something so i can say i'm exercising without killing my joints more.
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Hello and welcome! 5 lbs is really good for your first week, you should give yourself a pat on the back! As for not going to class I can't really comment as iv only ever done this on my own and come on here when I'm having good or bad days. I was exactly the same as you when I got married, always thought I'd be proper motivated but I found all the planning stressful and just ended up staying the same lol only managed to finally do it now that I had 3 stone of baby weight to loose. Goodluck with ttc, very exciting for you both x


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Thanks hun, Everyone here is really friendly not like some of the other weightloss forums, Think i'm a bit addicted! Think i put on weight planning, what with family squabbles, money and being nervous about being a big bride the only thing that calmed me down was a bar of choccie and a bottle (or 2) of wine :D Thank goodness its all over and done with,


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Hey, well done, 5lbs is brilliant on your first week. Remember not to expect as much of a loss on other weeks though, just don't let it get you down. But you are doing brilliantly already. I started at a weight of 357lbs and am only just under you now so I know how you feel about wanting to drop the weight etc. It is also a good idea to lose the weight before trying for a baby. I have 5 children. I was about 13st when I conceived with my first but due to a "feeder" husband, I went up to 25+st. I had all other 4 babies being 20+st so it is possible to conceive but I struggled so much with the weight and then the extra baby weight, it gave me SPD and sciatica and I was on crutches. I wish I had lost weight before I had my others and will definately lose weight before we have our next one! Yes we are planning more lol.
But good luck with the losing weight and the trying for a baby.



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Hey Nicki! Massive well done on your 5lb loss... Over The Moon City! :) You are doing so well, keep it up... Us Nicki/Nikki's do not fail! Yah hearin me girl? Hmm? :)
Yes boss, I am determined mynot to let the Nicki/Nikki side down. If i do, you can cyber slap me :D
Wow TobiiRheaStarr 5 babies, My hubby wants 4 in 4 years, i've told him to do one :rotflmao: I'm so torn between wanting to lose weight and wanting a baby, i've wanted both since i was little. However seems nature may have made that decision for me, being sent for blood test and scans as having a few scary symptoms i've been having lately. Googling them were not a good idea :banghead:
now i'm more frightened and kinda convinced i'm infertile or soon will be :badmood: Having bloods done monday and get the results Thurdsday. Going to be a freaking looooooooong week :ashamed0005:
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Well done on the 5lb loss sugar, and promise Kally no more googling of sympthoms and putting two and two together and coming up with 6 misses, good luck with the bloods.


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Nikki, i've checked the t&c's of cyber slapping and i'm affraid goggling symtoms isn't covered. But i promise not to look anymore.
Ummm not sure i have any cd's of dolphins 'making love' :rotflmao: i do have whales arguing though! I'm trying to get the motivation to do my claire richards dvd, i have watched it (on the safa eating galaxy and drinking wine :ashamed0005:) i fear i may only get through the warm up and that looks like it could kill me. So if you don't hear from me again, i've been murdered by steps!!!!!!


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omg well that was embarrassing, couldn't even make it through the workout was much more enjoyable the first time. Only good if your motivated by the slap of your thieghs and weeze of your chest. Think i need a less 'bouncey' one :wave_cry:


In the 10s at last!
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Hi nicki just caught up with your diary.
The hubby wants 4 kids in 4 years! OMG!
I have a 14 year old & 1s enough for me,ive done my bit for the population thanks!

By the way well done on the fab loss,a girl i work with has just started ww & like you lost 5lb in the first week & hasnt lost anything else for 2 weeks so like someone else said dont let that worry you,just keep at it & it will slowly come off.

I havnt ever joined class either but i will admit its took me a year to lose 2 stone.:eek:
The losses may have been quicker if i had been going to class but either way im happy ive stuck with it.

So i shall be keeping up with how you are doing & good luck for your results next week xx
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i've just ordered that dvd! i was a big fan of steps back in the day so i could happily die a steps related death lol


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Is it wrong to be excited about kitchen scales? :D
Just had my new ww scales delivered, had the old black ones but i like these ones way better. Also had a butt load of stuff delivered from my catalogue (note to self do not shop online when dieting:rotflmao:) although to be fair i needed most of it, got 3 pairs of shoes, as the only 2 pairs i have at the moment are stinky as they got wet :stinkyfeet: i also got a checked shirt for a fancy dress night next week, and a swimming costume :eek: it does fit but has a scoop back so i'm afraid my boobies will fall out :giggle:I'm also waiting for my tracksuit to be delivered, never owned one before but i want to start power walking and maybe one day jogging :whacky068: Hubby is going to come swimming with me but i'm still terrified, i don't want people to laugh at me, my tummy sticks out further then my boobs :ashamed0005: and my bum sticks out further then the moon (pun intended :fear:)
S: 22st6lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 6st9lb(29.62%)
Nicki said:
i have watched it (on the safa eating galaxy and drinking wine
pmsl @ Nicki
its much safer from the sofa, don't you just love these so called celebs who get asked to lose weight around August for a dvd due Xmas who then proceed to fling themselfs around like a heard of flying banshees,with there self satisfied smug smile I could quiet easierly murder Hannah Waterman at the moment.

Nicki said:
going to come swimming with me but i'm still terrified, i don't want people to laugh at me, my tummy sticks out further then my boobs :ashamed0005: and my bum sticks out further then the moon (pun intended
You go girl, and s*d them at least your doing something about your weight problem, I do find it easier to go if they have an adults only time as find young lads can be well rude.


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They have adults only from 8pm till 10pm but never been to this pool before so don't no how strict they are. Don't think its just young boys who are rude, girls and women are just as bad, if not worse. Bugger now i have to shave my legs, hubbys gonna think his luck has changed :rotflmao:

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