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  1. thecons

    thecons Active Member

    First weight in tonight and lost 1.5lbs. The other 2 newbies in my group lost 5.5lbs! Was a little disappointed as I was really good all week. Maybe next week...:wave_cry:
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  3. thecons

    thecons Active Member

    Sorry, not sure where I posted this! Be patient, I'm a newbie!
  4. sham88

    sham88 free2bme

    My consultant said that it can happen for some people that it takes them a week or two for their bodies to get use to the plan, she herself only lost 1lb the first week and 5.5lb in her second week so it could be that you will see a bigger loss next week or you could just be a steady loser who will see around the same number every week-dont get disheartened, it hard not to compare your losses to other peoples but everybody reacts to the plan differently-any loss is a step in the right direction, well done xx
  5. Jadeyxx

    Jadeyxx Well-Known Member

    Well done that's fantastic!

    Dont be down about 1.5lb, just think you have lost 2 tons of beans and a ton of tuna in one week! That's how I tend to look at it :D

  6. thecons

    thecons Active Member

    Awww, thanks for the encouragement guys! Feel a bit more positive today. :eek:

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