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1 pounds... thats it??

Hi all,

After my 3rd week of being 100% good on SS I am really gutted with my weigh in, and loss of only 1 pound. I know its better to have lost than to gain/STS, but with the commitment you need on this diet it has really got me down today, and NEARLY.... got me running to starbucks for a venti latte and a blueberry muffin.
Its not TOTM (1 week away) so any thoughts on why such a small loss so early in the diet?

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Sorry can't offer any advice but I am sure a councillor will be on soon.

Keep your chin up though and think of all that effort you would have wasted if you fall off the wagon now! :girlpower::girlpower:


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your body doesnt want to give up the fat, it doesnt know whats going on so it uses extra water to bulk out those cells. dont worry youve been 100% so you know theres no way you cant keep losing. your body will relax soon and let the extra go, keep drinking the water, helps flush it out

look at peoples losses, many have had a small loss one week followed by a bigger one the next


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According to your ticker you have lost 15lbs so far? If it was your third weigh in then you are above the average loss of 14lbs per month for SS.

I know it's disheartening, but that is a lot of weight and your body will re-adjust to the big losses and even it out a bit. You may also find that next week you'll loose a good few more pounds!

I wouldnt be down about it, you have done fab so far.


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Its common to get a small loss at week 3. Its just your body adjusting. Still with it and you will be back going great next WI.


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Week three is notorious for winding people up, but as the others have said you have already lost more than the "1 stone per month" so you are ahead of the curve. Your body is adjusting, and I bet you have lost major inches. Chin up, you are doing grand :hug99:
Yup, week three is awful, doesnt last though, next week it'll be off again.

Do not reach for the muffins, its not worth it, cmon, you have gone through the pain of starting, and you have done brilliant x


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I am on week 3 too and only lost 2 pounds. I'm just determined week 4 will be a biggie! Yours will too!


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Coley, fab loss in three weeks :clap:
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well done for what you have lost already dont worry if your ssing then its there to come off ill eat my hat if you dont lose more next week good luck, chin up x
aaaww thanks guys for all the replies :p

feel much better... may try to weigh monthly as I managed to first time I did CD... if I have the patience its fab as you don't get depressed about all the fluctuations you just see the total big loss.

Hope everyone has had a good day!



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i can only agree with the others. i just wanted to let you know that this happened with me too. go with the flow. it will work. it can't fail not to. just keep on glugging that water and all will be well :D

abz xx


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Glad you're feeling better :hug99:


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I know you must be gutted - but stick with it. At least it wasnt a 1lb the other way!!!! God - doesnt bear thinking
I had rubbish loss week three only one or two pounds but then till I'd hit goal that was the lowest loss for the whole time usually getting a five or six pound loss, it's probably your body just thinking, hang on what's going on here, stick to it, keep the mind strong and the body will follow leaving the wobbles behind it xx


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Hi I just wanted to let you know I go to a cd group and we had our 3rd weigh in yesterday almost everyone had a 2lb loss and had stuck to the plan 100% so looks like as most people have said 3rd week wind up,you are doing really well.