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1 September Hour by Hour!


WILL be Slim!
morning all! :D

Its a funny day today! My DH has been called into work so i'm having to work from home as we have no childcare arranged....so i'm letting Mary Poppins babysit my DD while i work (and read minimins) until my DH gets home about half 10! Bad naughty mummy!!

Feeling like the mirrors are all against me today! I can look in one mirror and feel like a whippet, and then another the total opposite!
is it so much to ask for a bit of consitancy in my emotional state...just for a couple of days? PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Hope everyone has a super 100% day whatever plan they are on!

Ohh, someone else who does the 'white rabbit, white rabbit' thing! My Nan told me to do it when I was a youngster and everyone thinks I'm mad- I was beginning to wonder if my old Nan made it up to make me look stupid!

My DD1 starts full time school on Thursday and neither of us can blooming wait! Then DD2 starts 3 mornings a week at playschool on Monday- so I have 7 and a half hours of total freedom every week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself, but I can't wait to do not a whole lot :D

Lizz, I just let NickJr babysit for me while I grabbed a shower and made the beds. I'm planning on taking the girls out for a full day running around in the park and then an hour in the museum, so 30 minutes watching Fifi isn't so bad.... is it?
Morning !

I am going to blitz my house before my sister arrives with her 2 ! Girls busy tidying their rooms, I am still in dressing gown !!! Need to wash my hair and get ready after this morning shake.

Am feeling like I am going to be good after sat night out and a little picking sun and mon, come on SS !!!

Weigh in tomorrow, possibly STS or 1lb loss, will not be too gloomy !!! 26 days til holidays - please 9lbs - be banished for good so my BMI can be 25 before I go, altho I plan to SS when I return as would like a BMI of 23 !

Anyways hope everyone has a great day, lovely and sunny here today so can get lots of washing done - but then ill have to iron it boo!

Mine return Monday to school !
Good Morning Everyone...
I cant believe its september already! No plans today apart from doing 100% and if i do ill scream from the rooftops haha!
Currently watching DD rolling over....she can do it one way but not the other and is getting stressed with herself lol! sun is in and out at the moment so might go for a stroll somewhere. x
Whoops.... I just flashed the window cleaner by accident! I ran upstairs to get changed, stripped off, realised my jeans were in the ironing pile in the utility, ran back down in my bra and undies to grab them and there he was. Cleaning the kitchen window and waving at the girls drawing at the table! I didn't realise he was here cause our room is 2 flights up and just has a velux window.....

Oh well, maybe he'll do them for free from now on?!? Chances are, I'll be looking for a new window cleaner soon
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please try again
well im sick so plan on doing bugger all. got the wee one home for another week and a half, shes at special school and the teachers have to do an update of the medical training needed first
think i will have to get some meds, my breathings shocking, rattling and wheezing away here
Nice start to the month, a day trip to Sandringham and visit to glass making factory. Felt hungry at times but seem to have got through. One more shake and then off to bed x

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