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1 Shake down 251 to go!..My Cambridge Journey ;-)


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
So here the journey begins.......0ne strawberry silk down & i worked it out in 12 weeks of ss'ing ill have down a total of 252 shakes!!! WOW ! So another 251 to go ..

I dont even feel hungry...:D:D

My 1st shake was a strawberry silk tetra it was way to thick & rich for me i had to add lots of water to it..i find it a tad sickly not sure if i can stomach them without the water hope its ok to add water to them....

I feel positive i really do , everyone in my life atm is so negetive towards this diet it annoys me..but ill show them...

Not sure what else to write atm the moment as im feeling really good!! xx
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Absolutely Determined!
Excellent post Jo :)
I'm starting tomorrow so we'll go through the first few icky days together! I didn't order any tetras as I'd heard they were quite rich. I'm going to have to dig out my blender :D

Have a fabulous first day!xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Yes they are...very sickly and rich i also find them very sweet ......
Later on ill have my 1st powered shake ill see what thats like..maybe it might be worth me making a shake up in a flask for when im on the go ...


Absolutely Determined!
You have to drink them within 15 minutes of making them apparently. I tried the chocolate one the other day, CDC sent me a sample when she posted me the medical forms. It was quite nice actually; a bit like watered down angel delight! I'm sat here trying to think of what to eat today now as I'll be doing SS 100% from tomorrow...hmmm... decisions decisions!
I have just purchased the "blenda bottle" from lakeland about £8.00, meant to be good for mixing shakes, especially if you do not have access to a blender at work...when i am back at work tomrrow i will let you know how i get on with it



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
I have just purchased the "blenda bottle" from lakeland about £8.00, meant to be good for mixing shakes, especially if you do not have access to a blender at work...when i am back at work tomrrow i will let you know how i get on with it

yes let me know xx

paula - i didnt know that!! thankx for that!

Im thinkin what do i have next... i think im going for a chicken and mushroom soup ...
Hey! Good luck with ya 12 weeks Jojo!

I have the same goals and time limit but am starting in 2 weeks once my exams are over!. So will be 2 weeks behind ya. Think we're pretty much the same weight aswell, it will be interesting to see how much you can lose! I have every faith in ya! you seem really hyped up and strong. :) am super impressed. :) Let me know what the mushroom soups like.. im gonna want to know what to order! :p

Jess. xxx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
I feel strange ..................id be eating right now!!


Skinny girl in a fat body
I think that's a fab way of counting down. I'm going to try that, could down the meals rather than the days. I'll try anything to take the monotiny etc. away lol


Cambridge Consultant
Good luck Mojo!!
I have the tetras when I go to work and then the sachets when I am at home.. I must admit I do prefer the sachets I add crushed ice to them and drink with a straw..
Enjoy x


always struggling
Hi all, mojo jojo thats a good idea you have there and mixed with the good old POSITIVE :) I dont like the soups so I have tetras and porridge .... I luv the porridge its yummy but I dont need to add sugar as its so sweet anyway.

Gonna try your idea as I need to get motivated and am struggling at the moment (fallen of the wagon again :mad:) but keep coming on hear and it motivates me that bit more each day.

Your doing great x


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Hey paula -- the soup is lushhhhh like a pot noodle without the noodle!

now im thinking that im not going to have a choco tetra i am going to have a porridge ...i tend to be an eveing snacker so i think might fill me up all bit better ;-)..hhmm better hurry up and decide as 6pm is looming !
Well done for starting Jo..... thats a goal you have already smashed :)

I used to blitz the soups but they were frothy and yuck!
I had a potato and leek today, mixed it with a fork in the cup.. it was yummy!
It can be hard Jo, when your body is used to eating, you get pangs... so maybe just work out something to keep your mind occupied at those times... when you put the kids dinner on the table, maybe sit and make lists of what you are going to do when you are slim??
You will be fine....
Just accept your feelings acknowledge them and then KNOW you don't need to eat etc...
We are all here for each other...

Just to add, i don't eat the tetras but Lelly advises they are good mixed with lots of hot water?


Absolutely Determined!
Ooh I'm so pleased about the soup!! I only ordered one chicken and mushroom soup as I'm not a soup lover really; but I do love Pot Noodles!!
Well done on getting through today hun :D xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
omggggggggg big up apple & cininemon porridge i added my own sprinkle of cininemon omg its lush .........um today really hasnt felt like a ''diet''...!!!


Absolutely Determined!
haha, that's excellent!! I can't stand porridge mind so won't be trying that!! I hope I'm as happy as you by this time tomorrow!! *Getting all excited and nervous now*


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
oohhh when is your cdc appt then? do u have a start date x

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