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1 shake down 77 to Go....



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I am on week 5, and the time just flies. People said that to me at the start and I didnt believe them, at the beginning it felt like time stood still!! Promise u it will go really fast! I have about another 3-4 months to go yet, so think yourself lucky lol x
i have till sept but i have 4 weeks till my first refeed..i cant look at it in a number of months....i dont think i could ever achieve anything as it'd screw with my head. the smaller the chunks the better :)


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Hi JustForMe well done on starting with LT. Liz0703 is so right the time does seem to pass really quickly, I am now on wk9 and can't really believe I have lasted this long :eek: I am hoping I have about another 6-8 wks to go but whatever it takes to be where I want to be is ok wth me lol :p

Once you get your 1st WI it will give you a great boost for wk2, keep up the good work hun xxx


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seriously time flys!!! I will be having my week 18 weigh in on monday and it feels like yesterday i started!!
Hi there

i agree, even though I have just started week three, the weigh ins really do keep you motivated and once you are in the swing of it it just gets easier.

Keep at it, it will be worth it!



Here we go again!
Those weeks will fly by, trust me! I start week 22 tomorrow and can't believe how fast the time has flown on this, thankfully. Only 3 weeks left for me then refeeding, which means only 64 shakes to go until refeed, woohoo!
just had my 2nd shake.... and im guzzling like made :p


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ok you got me counting - i have 23 full days left of tfr so thats 69 plus the 1 for my tea later so 70 shakes left for me! :giggle:
im jealous you have less than me :p but well done for staying on it for so long!


Crawling to the finish!
Im guessing 21 for me.... :) but I already did 40 last year so Im still patting myself on the back hehe day one again for me to.... :) well done and good luck xx


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I'm not showing off or anything but 7 more for me - not counting the ones you have on refeed days - altogether that will be 315!! I'm not counting the cost though :( ;)

Good Luck Kels!! xx


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:eek: 18 weeks i've bought so £36x18 = £648 :eek:

But ... the best £648 ive EVER spent! :D


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Just 3 weeks less for me but I'd have spent more if I hadn't been doing it anyway! :) x
I cant believe you have all lasted so long, but your all looking FAB.

well i got through day one but i was soooo hungry, just guzzled my water and had an early night.

Today I have hardly touched my water but im going to get guzzling! Had 2 shakes and going to have the last one about 8:30 ish.

Im having a night in watching BGT the final....i really hope SuBo doesnt win i really dont like her and shes gonna get a contract anyways.

Looking forward to day 3 as if i can get past that i really believe i can stick at this :)


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Hi hun! Just wanted to say well done on getting through day one! I'm in the same boat, back on the diet for 4 weeks from today and i'm feeling sorry for myself stuck in watching Britains got Talent too lol :) xx


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Now then Kels **smacks bum** - you know you're s'posed to spread your water out through the day, Don't drink too much all at once will you?!

Well done for getting through day 1.

I want one of the dance troups (sp?) to win!! x


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Ah don't feel sorry for yourself Louize! Wrong MA kiddo YOU know that! You're doing yourself a huge favour don't forget and it's ONLY for 4 weeks!! ;) :)

Best of luck xx
iim getting in 1.5 litres, spread out over a few hours so it aint that bad. just watched shaheen and what a voice!


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Ah don't feel sorry for yourself Louize! Wrong MA kiddo YOU know that! You're doing yourself a huge favour don't forget and it's ONLY for 4 weeks!! ;) :)

Best of luck xx
Ahh thanks Jan..i know 4 weeks and counting. Just hate doing these first few days again, lol. I can't believe your nearly all done now...are you looking forward to never having to have a milkshake again, lol? I can't wait and i've got ages yet!!xx

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