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1 shake down the hatch! :)

S: 25st5lb
I met my CDC today, for the 1st time in a year and we had a good chat about me actually getting through a day on CD. We decided it's best for me to follow this http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-returners/21313-beginning-sole-source-easier-way.html and guess what?!?! I actually managed to finish a shake without gagging or anything. It wasn't pleasant but it certainly didn't kill me!

I have tried CD twice before and have never been able to get passed the taste of them, there was just a mental block there!

Anyway, it sounds dull since I probably will be on CD for over a year but I'm just chuffed I have finished one after so many attempts. Today was chocolate, tomorrow is strawberry :)

I'm a happy girl this evening!!!

While I'm here, I'm curious, did all you SSer's jump straight into SS or did you stagger it as mentioned in the post I have linked?
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S: 25st5lb
Hahaha I'm reading over my old post's and I think this is actually my 4th attempt at starting CD (I didn't even realise). I suck lol. Apparently, I managed to do a week of it before but I only managed to SS for 3 days and they weren't even consecutive days. Goshhhh I really need to just get on with it this time!


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I really like the taste of the shakes, I couldnt do it if I didnt, it must be tough and well done!
Is there anything you can do to improve the flavour? I mix mine with just a little bit more water than suggested, I used the blender and put a little ice in, make them really smooth no lumps.
I often add some coffee to them too; choc and vanilla esp are nice with coffee.
Do you like the tetras? I love the choc one it tastes like yazoo! heh


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I love the taste of CD food, really. I had troubles with the soups at first, but now as I'm adding lots of flavoring such a curry, and fresh herbs, I love them. As I'm drinking all my shakes hot, I love them too. and the bars seemed very sweet at first but I like them too now ! I tried other high range protein products and hated the aftertaste in them, I don't know how CD manages not to have this aftertaste, but I'm glad they don't ;)
I first tried CD 5yrs ago and I lasted a week, the taste made me gag. I had to stand over the sink to drink them. I lost 7lbs that wk and didn't do the diet again for another year or so. Again they made me gag.

My mum then become a consultant 2yrs ago, and as my weight had shot up to 18st she suggested I try it again. After an argument or 4 she convinced me to try it again as CD are always improving the quality of the products.

I can only stomach choc mint. I take my hand blender & little tea strainer to work to ensure u don't get any lumps otherwise I gag. Sometimes if I dont make mine with enough water it tastes powdery and that makes me nearly gag. Lol what I do is focus on something on the wall and just down my shakes. If I do happen to feel like I am going to gag after I take a quick gulp of water


this time - the last time
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Have you tried tetras?
I also hate the shakes. But I quite like the banana tetras. I have them for every meal!
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i started ss straight away and i found that i loved the shakes and the soups... there is a huge variety of shakes and i just find that when i get sick of something there is always more to try. good luck x
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Yep...go with the tetras if you're not keen on the sachets....also the bars...one of them a day and the tetras. Has got me throught the diet...10lb to go!

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