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1 Stone to GO!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by StayGoldxOx, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Happy New Year! (Sorry, I'm a little late)

    I'm currently weighing in at 10 7 and 3/4 so I might as well say 8!

    I started out at almost 12 stone two years ago and within 2 months I got down to 10 3

    Considering I haven't done SW since around April of two years ago, I've eaten such crap and only gained 4 lbs I'm doing good!

    I'm off to Madrid at the end of this month and looking to lose a stone (Probably not all of it before then)

    Today I had ;

    Breakfast : Orange, Plum, Activia fat free yoghurt
    Snack : Tall Cappucino with non-fat milk - 3 syns
    Lunch : Ham & cheese sandwich (brown bread) - HEX B and 1/2 HEX A
    Dinner : Home made chicken madras onions, garlic, curry powder, tomato puree, 1 tbsp of mango chutney (2 sins but spread between 4 dishes so I'd say syn free!)
    Snack : Banana, Orange, 2 x Activia fat free yoghurts, 2 chupa chips - 6 sins
    Drinks : Diet 7up, diet redbull, water with sugarfree cordial.

    SYNS : 9 Syns.
    Last edited: 14 January 2014
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  3. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Today's food journal :)

    Breakfast - Plum, diet redbull, banana
    Lunch - Ham & Cheese sandwich (HEX's) yoghurt, kiwi
    Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognaise - 4 syns
    Snacks - Snowmallow, Popchips - 9 syns
    Drinks - Diet redbull & Cordial
    TOTAL 13 syns.
  4. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Hi guys!
    Just on my lunch hour and want to make sure I've got my syns straight!

    Breakfast : Banana and Activia 0% fat free peach yoghurt - 1/2 syn
    Snack: Cherry tomatoes
    Lunch : Ham & Cheese (1/2 hex) on brown bread (HEX) with mayo (teaspoon) - 2.5 syns
    I also had a single shot macchiato with full fat milk which is coming in at 1 syn. I'm going to count it as the other half of my HEX A too as I had a little extra milk - 3.5syns
    Snack : Curly Wurly - 6 syns.

    TOTAL : 10 syns

    Am I correct?
  5. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    On the sw app, i get the activia yogurt to be free (saves you half a syn)
    When you say brown bread for your HEXB - is it wholemeal and from a 400g loaf and with your cheese as 1/2 HEXA, are you weighing it and only having 15g???
    Other than that, all appears correct! Well done!
  6. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Its the snack pot.. I'm sure I've read somewhere that the peach flavour is half a syn.
    Ges, Wholemeal from 400g loaf! and with regards to cheese, I don't know exactly the weight but its one slice from a sliced pack!
    Thanks for the help! :)
  7. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    AGHH I've just had two cheat days in a row!!

    Back to it tomorrow!!
    I've lost 2 lbs ( well, one and 3/4)
    So Monday is my official weigh in. If I remain at -2 I'm happy as that gives me 2 weeks to lose 5 lbs :)
  8. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Well done on your nearly 2lbs off. I'm also on my first week back. I've got more than you to lose but like you I want it gone quite quickly. My weigh in day is also Monday so we will see how much we can both lose :) x
  9. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    I 'forgot' to weigh in this morning - partially because my bathroom was too cold and I wanted out of there ASAP and partially because I ate so much crap this weekend! - Sweeping it under the rug! today is a good day so far!

    How'd your WI go today? (I'll do mine tomorrow!)
  10. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Woops, what are you like, lol!!
    Yes I weighed in this morning. Really pleased as I lost 10lbs :)
    Hope you're is good tomorrow.x
  11. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Oh my gosh! That's absolutely fantastic!!!
  12. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Thanks hun. I am still dancing around, I am so pleased :)
    If only every week could be so good.x
  13. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    I'd say it took a huge chunk out of what you needed to lose! Gonna have anose in your diary ;) hehe
  14. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Breakfast : Macchiato - 2 syns. Only had a few sups and threw it out but I'll still count the syns - New York Style cheesecake mullerlight 1 syn.

    Lunch : Diet redbull, wholemeal bread sandwhich with cheese, ham and a tiny spread of mayo. (HEX A & B & 2 syns), 1 mandarin and 1 apple.

    Snack : Lemon cheesecake mullerlight - 1 syn

    Total so far : 6 syns
    Dinner : Spaghetti bolognese (3 syns - dolmio with extra mushrooms 12 syns divded by 4 dinners)
    Desert - Half a rolo yoghurt (4.5 syns) nearly got sick when I decided to check the syns and chucked half out! mullr light cheesecake 1 syn

    TOTAL : 14.5 Shockingly still within syns!
    Last edited: 14 January 2014
  15. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Breakfast : Mullerlight cheesecake yoghurt and diet redbull - 1syn
    Lunch : ham and cheese sandwich with tiny spread of mayo HEX A+B + 2 syns
    Snacks : Carrot sticks, cucumber & Cherry tomatos.. muller light cheesecake yog (1syn) diet 7up
    Dinner : Chicken Madras (homemade, syn free!)

    TOTAL SO FAR : 4 syns :)

    Can someone tell me weather there are syns in tomato puree/passata?
  16. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    WEIGH IN !!!

    I weighed in at 10 st 8 lbs last monday.

    Today I weigh 10 st 5 lbs! - 3!

    Thats including a weekend of dominos pizza, alcohol and general bad food :)
  17. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    That's fantastic hun, well done :) x
  18. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Very naughty the last two days :(

    Had a curly wurly, a milky way yoghurt and a packet of 5 syn crisps last night and then 2 very bold crumble yoghurts today and a 5 syn pack of crisps!

    Line drawn! No more syns today! Will be extra good tomorrow, Friday and Sunday :) (Saturday is always my cheat day as it's the one day a week I see my bf)
  19. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Woops never mind, draw a line and start again. You have been doing really well.x
  20. StayGoldxOx

    StayGoldxOx Full Member

    Thanks Littlemiss! I know! It was silly of me really...last night if I had have left out the yoghurt it would have been fine!!
    And today..well today I was just silly! :)

    Just realised that on Saturday, I'm making SW burgers and chips, so it'll just be the home made rocky road and a few crisps to syn :) not as bad as our usual dominos + desert + treats! :)
  21. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Yummy Rocky Road, not had that for ages and I've never made it. Can it be made at all healthily ish?x

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